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Story Behind The Dish: Popcorn Chicken

Story behind the dish: popcorn chicken

When your night-in needs a sofa snack that will satisfy your hunger and stir up some 90s nostalgia, there's only one option – popcorn chicken. Settle down, get out your CDs and take a trip down memory lane. Popcorn chicken might be a relatively new kid on the block, but it's been making waves ever since, and Retro Feasts is top of the pops when it comes to this crunchy classic.

Something to sing about

This chicken champion has a special place in our hearts. Loved by the many, you'll see popcorn chicken popping up on menus across the world. As with all great cuisine inventions, people have been reimagining these delights since they stormed the foodie scene in the early 90s.

While some chefs marinate the chicken in buttermilk to give more tenderness, others skip this step and go straight for the frying. You'll also find differences in the coating too, with breadcrumbs often being subbed out for flour for a crispier finish. Whatever way they're cooked, we can all agree that these crunchy gems are best eaten with your fingers. Add a barbecue dipping sauce on the side for the true chicken popcorn experience.

90s phenomenon

Legend has it that popcorn chicken was invented in 1992 by food technologist Gene Galiardi, who had been searching for a chicken nugget alternative.

The inventive foodie dusted small chunks of chicken breast in spices, cornflour and egg before rolling in breadcrumbs and deep-frying to a crisp. Named after their popcorn-like shape and rugged edges, these bite-sized delights hit the menus and the rest is history. Fast-forward a decade or two and places round the world are still serving up popcorn chicken today.

Real popcorn coating

Retro Feasts are preserving popcorn chicken's place as a top nostalgia dish. Dedicated to reliving the best eats from the late 20th century, these guys serve up their popcorn chicken with style. Here you'll find chicken breast chunks coated in real popcorn fragments to make it extra crunchy, before being deep-fried to a golden crisp. This beachside joint serves its popcorn chicken with a tangy sweet and sour dip for ultimate impact.

You'll also find it packed onto a sharing platter, where it's plated with mini retro burgers, prawn cocktail, chicken satay, cheese toastie and fries. With a sentimental nod to older 'guilty pleasures', these guys bring the classics – like our beloved popcorn chicken – back into the spotlight.

Take your taste buds on a nostalgic trip back to the past, check out Retro Feasts' chicken popcorn offerings here on Deliveroo.

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