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Snack and Meals that Will Help You Perform at 110% All Day

The high-achiever’s guide to energy-packed meals and snacks

If you're the sort of person who always wants to end the day with a real sensation of success then you're going to need to load up with the right kind of fuel to achieve it. You'll need to get off to the best possible start and then keep up those energy levels with meals and snacks all day long. So here you have it, our five-step guide to powering yourself up to get more done in a day.

1. A breakfast of champions

They say it's the most important meal of the day so make sure you pick a great vegetarian restaurant to give yourself a great start. A good place to try could be the Circle Café whose Breakfast Bowl is packed with amazing ingredients including quinoa, avocado, spinach, kale, halloumi and tomato, all topped with a perfectly-cooked poached egg. Everything you need, in fact, to get you fired up for the day ahead.

2. A mid-morning boost

You'll need to keep up those energy levels all through the morning if you really want to perform at your best. So what better way than to treat yourself to an aptly-named Power Ball from Essentially Health Food? They promise you "awesome energy" with no hidden junk and there are three varieties to choose from – Lemon Coconut, Bounty and Cacao Goji. All contain exactly the balance of nutrients that you need.

3. A high-protein lunch

You've had a successful morning, now it's time to reward yourself. Make your prize a burger with a difference from Jones The Grocer. The difference is that it's made from highly prized wagyu beef with the addition of beef bacon, salad and cheddar in a soft brioche bun, served with skin-on chips. If you fancy chicken instead then their Buttermilk Chicken Burger would be the ideal alternative with sriracha mayo, carrot, mango and sesame slaw with nori-dusted fries on the side. Either has enough protein to fuel you through to the afternoon.

4. A teatime trip to the Black Forest

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If you're feeling like you need a quick pick-me-up to get over that mid-afternoon lull then maybe it's time for a little indulgence. The perfect solution is the Blackforest Meringue from L'ETO Caffe. The meringue is crispy on the outside and soft in the middle and it's liberally covered with berries and fruits of the forest. Just the breath of fresh air you need to see you through your high-achieving day.

5. Treat yourself to some gourmet tacos

If your day's going on late into the evening then you may just have the chance to chow down on some Mexican finger foods. But, hopefully, you'll have achieved so much already that you can relax over a more leisurely meal like the Sea Bass Tacos from Muchachas. They're just the sort of tasty treat you deserve after all you've got done in the day!

You'll need to fuel up if you want to really achieve today. So just leave it all to Deliveroo.

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