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  2. Power lunch! Super-healthy seafood lunches to get you through the day
Power Lunch! Healthy Seafood Lunches to Get You Through the Day

Power lunch! Super-healthy seafood lunches to get you through the day

It's time for lunch, and you're sitting behind your desk wondering whether to work through the hour and maybe grab something sweet on your way home. STOP. Grab something delicious and healthy right away, you'll feel better for it in the afternoon.

There's even research to suggest the Omega 3 oil in fish improves concentration, so it's probably best to make sure that fish is on the menu. Double whammy: tasty, healthy lunch and productive afternoon. So that was easy part, now you have to decide what you're going to have. Luckily for you, we've rounded up our favourites - and yes, there's lots of sushi. We're sure you don't mind, though.

1.Makunouchi Bento - Mizu Downtown 

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We promise that this list will be more than just sushi, it'll have to be to cover all of the great seafood Dubai has to offer. But first: sushi. Skip your mid-morning snack and put your feet up to prepare for Mizu's Makunouchi bento box. (Try saying that after a few after work drinks) You'll get salmon sashimi, miso soup, grilled salmon, rice, sashimi and a portion of grilled vegetables. With a power lunch like that, the mid-afternoon snooze won't be a temptation, and you won't be reaching for the sweet treats while you work either. 

2.Detox Poke Bowl - PokeArt

PokeArt is brought to you by sushi art. Not dissimilar to Japanese Chirashi, Poke is a Hawaiian dish which consists of pieces of raw fish and salad with a little bit of brown rice. If you're strictly low-carb, Poke is perfect because you can get a portion of healthy protein with lots of greens. For a serious health kick, try the Detox Poke Bowl, a delicious concoction of tuna, cucumber, white radish, vinegared rice, red onion and ginger. It's packed with antioxidants and should leave you feeling alert and refreshed for the afternoon ahead. You could even add a coconut water for extra hydration and energy.

3.Grilled Salmon Burger - Under 500

Under 500 makes eating healthy really simple. All of their food is naturally high in protein and low in carbs, and every dish contains 500 calories or less, so there's no worry of accidentally overeating and feeling sleepy afterwards. You could choose a couple of their smaller dishes or treat yourself to a Grilled Salmon Burger topped with lettuce, raddish, natural yoghurt and cucumber sauce. And because you haven't even broken 500 calories, why not try their "slimmed down brownie" to get you through the afternoon too? It doesn't count if it's under 500 calories and accompanied by a super healthy lunch. 

4.Your Best Seabass - Friends' Avenue Cafe

Being healthy doesn't mean you can't choose indulgence too. 'Your Best Seabass' at Friends' Avenue Cafe comes with roasted garlic potato puree, sun-dried tomatoes, baby rocket and creamy beans, and it's all garnished with thyme. The whole food ethos at Friends Avenue ensures that the produce you're eating is both hearty and healthy and you might still have the power to hit the gym after work! 

Once you've eaten your way through these four, why not check the other yummy, healthy lunch treats we have over on Deliveroo?

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