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  2. Make Sushi the Dish of the Day in Abu Dhabi
Make Sushi the Dish of the Day in Abu Dhabi

Make Sushi the Dish of the Day in Abu Dhabi

Get your sashimi mixed up with your nigiri? Or your Californian roll confused with your Rainbow Roll? Or simply never got round to trying one of the greatest taste sensations from Japan? One of the greatest things about sushi is that you can dine on a healthy, protein-packed, three-course meal easily and quickly. But don't be put off by something you're not familiar with – sushi is perfect for diving in and trying something new right here in central Abu Dhabi.  

1.YO! Sushi

One of the best features of sushi is the variety – with literally hundreds of dishes to choose from, it can be daunting to stray from your usual order to try something new. YO! Sushi features the conveyor belt that spins around the length of their restaurant in order to tempt and tantalize diners with different dishes than their regular choices. From the basic nori rolls to the more complex katsu dishes – and with many available for a meal deal to share with a fellow sushi lover. As the plates go by you can visualize what a dish might look like and read the corresponding information on the handy chart. Or, you could be brave and grab a plate and tuck in before you check to see what you're eating. Fortune favours the bold!  

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SushiArt offers sushi delicacies dressed as masterpieces for every course, with tasteful displays of sashimi, tataki, and maki – which can be ordered in bulk to feed a crowd of hungry sushi-lovers. SushiArt may look too good to eat, but watching the chefs at work creating more of each dish takes away the guilt of devouring it. Each dish is a work of art and carefully handcrafted in order to offer something perfect to photograph for Instagram – if you can hold off on demolishing it long enough. Traditionally enjoyed best with a pair of chopsticks and a healthy dollop of tangy wasabi; though if you'd rather skip the spice and eat with a fork, that's perfectly ok too.  

3.Chez Sushi

Sushi offers hundreds of dishes, so trying it for the first time can be daunting. But fear not! Chez Sushi offers a selection of lunchtime Bento boxes in order to quell that grumbling stomach and help you dip your toe into the illustrious Japanese cuisine. The boxes are made up to be a filling and satisfying meal that introduces diners to the various palette-pleasing flavors sushi has to offer. With a variety of boxes to choose from that allow you to taste a different kind of sushi in each one, Chez Sushi offers the perfect meal-in-one. Chez Sushi also pride themselves on their vegan and vegetarian versions of classic sushi dishes, meaning there is literally no excuse not to get stuck right in.  

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