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  2. Get the authentic taste of the Greek islands straight to your door
Get the authentic taste of the Greek islands straight to your door

Get the authentic taste of the Greek islands straight to your door

The Greek Islands are well known as a popular tourist destination due to the gorgeous scenery, great nightlife, fascinating history and beautiful weather.

To top it off, their food is delicious and renowned around the world for its wonderful flavours. However, you needn't travel all the way to Greece to get an authentic taste of Greek cuisine, as here we explore some of the best Greek restaurants in Dubai which can deliver your next meal straight to your door.

1.The Grecian Grill

The Grecian Grill serves authentic Greek recipes which are prepared by actual Greek chefs to give each and every guest the best taste of real Greek food. They serve it all, from tasty starters such as salads, hummus and tzatziki, to flavoursome rotisserie chicken and lamb dishes, kebabs, pitas and gyros. We recommend you try the delicious Lamb Gyros, a pit wrap filled with lamb, grilled tomatoes, onions, fries and topped off with a wonderful tzatziki sauce. With such filling meals which won't break the bank, The Grecian Grill is a great choice for your next lunch break.

Where: The Grecian Grill, Jannah Marina Bay Suites, Dubai

2.Labby's The Hellenic House

Labby's is a very chic yet authentic Greek restaurant which oozes pretty aesthetics, from the restaurant décor right down to their food. It is surrounded by great restaurants in the Jumeriah Lake Towers, yet stands out as one of the only proper Greek joints in town. Each dish is prepared so beautifully you can sense just how much pride the chefs take in their food, and they do not disappoint. To start, try out the Dip Platter which comes with a delightful assortment of fresh Greek dips, including tzatziki, fava and tirokrafteri with an eggplant salad and plenty of pita bread. Move on to the Yiaourtlou Kebab made with both beef and lamb kebabs and served with pita, yogurt, chopped onions and tomato sauce. Round it all off nicely with one of their delicious loukoumades: deep fried dough balls served with either honey and cinnamon or Nutella. The food from Labby's will never let you down and will keep you coming back for more!

Where: Labby's The Hellenic House, Jumeriah Lake Towers, Dubai


For a traditional Greek meal, Mythos has you covered. They serve truly delicious and mouth-watering food so filling and satisfying you'll feel like you won't need to eat for a week. Their salads are bursting with flavour and colour and any one of them is a perfect segue into your main meal. Go for the Gemista, a heart-warming bowl of tomatoes and bell peppers which are stuffed with rice and herbs, oven-baked, and served with roast potatoes and feta cheese. It will leave you in the most wonderful food coma wondering why you hadn't tried it sooner! For dessert, try the Saraglakia, a syrupy phyllo sweet treat that will remind you of Baklava.

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Where: Mythos, Jumeriah Lake Towers, Dubai

There you go, now you don't need to wait till your next holiday to Greece or settle for some fast-food gyros to sample some good Greek food. Just hit up any of these restaurants and they will sort you out with the best Greek cuisine in Dubai!

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