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When The Spice Is Right: Four Fantastic Indian Dishes

When the spice is right: Four fantastic Indian dishes

If you like spicy food, there's nothing quite like Indian cooking for hitting the mark. From mildly spiced through to too hot to handle, Indian dishes can give you the whole spectrum of spicy experiences.

Here in Dubai, we're lucky to have some great Indian restaurants and we've checked out the tastiest spicy dishes for you to have brought directly to your door.

1. Murgh Kohlapuri

At 25 Degrees North, there's a strong emphasis on authentic flavours, created by a team of chefs recruited from India who use traditional spices and herbs. But while it's traditional cuisine, most of the dishes are made their own by giving them a modern twist.

As an interesting aside and fun fact for you, the name of the restaurant isn't about India, per se. Actually, it's derived from Dubai's position on the world map – 25 Degrees North. The spicy dish we've chosen to showcase from 25 Degrees North is Murgh Kohlapuri. This is a dish packed with bold flavours and spices; it's an aromatic dish that draws its influences from Kohlapur - a region in the south west of India.

2. Paneer Kadhai

If you're looking for a vegetarian meal with plenty of pep, you can't go wrong with the Paneer Kadhai from Indian Summer. This is a dish where the paneer cheese is cooked with hot chillies, and served semi-dry with colourful bell peppers. While it's not a dish which will make your eyes water, you'll appreciate the skilful use of spices in this vegetarian main.

3. Tava Masala

Tava masala powder is used in various dishes in Indian cooking including stuffed vegetables and paneer tava masala. It's a heady mix of spices that include coriander, fennel, cumin, methi seeds, red chilli, cardamon, turmeric and black pepper (that's most of them). To taste the tava masala flavouring at its best, try the Tava Pulao at Raju Omlet. It's one of their Dinner Specials and is basmati rice cooked with onions, tomatoes, capsicums and the house tava masala mix. Spicy food lovers will appreciate the subtle yet potent spicy blend. Alternatively, go for Pulao with Masala Half Fry - the same rice base, but dressed with boiled tikka and grated boiled eggs.

4. Jalfrezi

One of the classic "hot" curries, a Jalfrezi should be on every spice lover's bucket list. The ingredients are stir-fried in hot vegetable oil, with onions and spices going in first, followed by the meat or vegetables, along with more spices, tomatoes, green chillies and capsicums. The result is a thick, fairly dry curry, which is particularly hot.

Two Seasons makes two different Jalfrezi dishes - there's Chicken or Prawn to choose from. The chefs at Two Seasons hail from Dehradun and Odisha, guaranteeing authentically cooked dishes whatever you decide to order.

Of course, Indian food is not unique in offering diners a spicy eating experience, but it's one of the cuisines that has the biggest reputation for knowing how to create the perfect mix of heat and flavour.

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