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  2. Don't just have a tasty burger... have a tasty burger with a spicy kick!
Treat Yourself to a Tasty Burger with a Kick in the UAE

Don't just have a tasty burger... have a tasty burger with a spicy kick!

Is it even possible not to like burgers? Doubtful. There are so many different kinds of this American cuisine that there's something for everybody. Meat or veggie, spicy or plain – there are so many different tasty burger flavours to try. Fast food isn't thoughtless food these days and it's getting more and more creative and less and less generic. New culinary inventions are cropping up all the time across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so you'll find so many different kinds. But sometimes your burger, stacked up tall as it may be, needs a little oomph to hit the spot. We especially love burgers with a heat kick at the moment, so here are a few of our faves to spice up your life!

1. GBK – Hot Chili Chicken Burger

GBK are burger people, that's for sure. When you go looking to them for a burger with a little something extra, you can rest assured that you've come to the right place. The Hot Chili Chicken Burger can either be served chargrilled or crumbed and fried. You get a lot of the toppings you might expect (like mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion), but also hot chili sauce for good measure. Oh, and cheese. Because who doesn't want cheese?

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2. Vibes Restaurant – Dhabyani Burger Spicy

There are so many different ways to make things spicy around the world and that means there are plenty of ways you can make a burger spicy, too. At Vibes Restaurant they've discovered the power of jalapenos, adding them to a typical beef burger to give it a little twist. Why not go for the double whammy and pair it with Vibe Style fries? There's more jalapeno and even a very secret sauce...

3. Big Smoke Burger - Baja Veggie

Vegetarians, this one's for you! Burgers aren't all about meat – what century are you living in? The Baja Veggie burger from Big Smoke Burger doesn't need anything carnivorous, as it's doing quite alright on its own. They make up their own house-made vegetable patty, then pile on the spice for a bit of a Mexican feel. Pico de gallo and chipotle mayo make things interesting, then avocado and lettuce are there to balance the flavours.

4. Burger & Lobster – Hot Mama

We're all about spice here today and we know you like it hot! The Hot Mama does what it says on the tin, that's for sure. Burger & Lobster know burgers best and this one's the kicker (literally). They wanted to go all out with this one, so the beef patty comes with not one, not two but three kinds of spice. Hot pickles, spicy mayo and Karala fire spice make the dish what it is. And in true burger style, it comes with fries. Amazing!

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