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4 Mexican Restaurants In Dubai For Fried And Fajita’d Chicken

Loco For The Pollo - Tasty Chicken Dishes From The Best Mexican Restaurants In Dubai

Sometimes a simple sandwich just isn't enough to satisfy you on your lunch breaks and you need to spice it up with something more exciting. When it comes to food, the Mexicans know what they are doing and their chicken dishes are out of this world. Dubai has some incredible Mexican restaurants, so let's take a look at some of their best chicken dishes to take your lunch breaks to the next level.

1. Enchiladas

The Enchiladas served over at Chalco's Mexican Grill are some of the tastiest in town. You can choose from a range of meats with which to fill them but their chicken enchiladas are some of the best. These delights are made with two small corn tortillas stuffed full of chicken and then topped with delicious enchilada sauce and cheese, all of which is served with fluffy rice and hearty beans. This is a filling and tasty meal that will keep the hunger locked away and will surely become a lunchtime favourite.

2. Chicken Fajitas

For a hearty meal that is packed with flavours, try out the Chicken Fajitas served at Khaleej Tacos. These fajitas are made with grilled chicken that has been generously marinated, green pepper and onions and served in a warm flour tortilla along with refried beans, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. When you have finished this dish you'll have satisfied your taste buds and filled your belly with so much yummy goodness – you won't be forgetting about Khaleej in a hurry.

3. Tacos de Pollo

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When it comes to tacos, you know you are in for a treat but the Tacos de Pollo from Loca always impress. They are made with corn-fed chicken – grilled to perfection – cilantro, onion, and Taqueray sauce all of which is served with tasty seasoned rice and de la olla beans. This dish is one of the most popular on the menu and for good reason. So be sure to try them and treat yourself to some of the most delicious chicken tacos in town!

4. Chicken Ranch Quesadillas

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For a taste of a delicious Mexican classic, get your hands on the Chicken Ranch Quesadillas over at Chilis. In South America, quesadillas are typically a snack food but these are filled with enough grub to keep you full for hours. They are made with fajita marinated chicken and smoked beef bacon, mixed cheese and pickled onions, served in toasted tortillas with ranch dressing, cilantro, homemade pico de gallo, sour cream and a signature dressing. This dish packs a punch and is so full of flavour, so treat yourself to these this lunchtime.

Mexican cuisine allows so many combinations of flavours and these chicken dishes are a perfect example of just how delicious it can be. Make sure that your lunch breaks are full of excitement and get your chops around these yummy chicken dishes.

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