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  2. There’s oodles of fun to be had with Dubai's tastiest veggie noodles
Dubai's Tastiest Noodle Dishes Available To Order

There’s oodles of fun to be had with Dubai's tastiest veggie noodles

Whether you're a broke university student or on your lunch break from your fancy job, noodles are the perfect food for everyone. There are so many ways to make them and they're pretty much always super delicious. Nations from all around the world have their own take on noodles, from Japan to China, to Thailand and everywhere in between, there are tasty iterations of the humble noodle dish, and they don't all need meat to be totally delicious. So, let's look at some of the best veggie noodle dishes in town.

1. Hakka Vegetable Noodles - Nom Nom Asia

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Thai culture provides some of the best cuisine around, and of course, they sure know how to make some good noodles. The ingredients used by the crew over at Nom Nom Asia are always fresh and each dish is vibrant and colourful, not to mention bursting with taste! It's a little tricky to mention the ingredients used for their Hakka Vegetable Noodles as they keep their recipes top secret! But take our word for it, these noodles are totally delicious and judging from taste alone I'm sure you'll agree with us.

2. Seoul Wok Noodles - Wokyo Noodle Bar

Noodles can oftentimes be very, very spicy, so if you are feeling up to the challenge then be sure to try out the Seoul wok-style noodles served at Wokyo Noodle Bar. These noodles have a fiery spice to them so you'd better be sure you can handle them, and best of all they are totally vegan too! If you can fight through the spice you'll see for yourself just how yummy they are, just be sure to have a glass of milk at hand!

3. Yakisoba - YATAI by Atisuto

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For a hearty and filling veggie noodle dish try out the Yakisoba made over at YATAI by Atisuto. These are thick egg fried noodles served in a delicious tonkatsu sauce and some yummy mixed vegetables. This is a healthy meal which will keep your stomach full and your taste buds happy and you will be sure to come back again for more.

4. Sesame Tofu - The Noodle Bar

Ramen is pretty much the pinnacle of noodle goodness; noodles with a mixture of so many goodies in a tasty broth, what is there not to enjoy? The Sesame Tofu ramen served over at The Noodle House is made with thick udon noodles, a roasted vegetable broth, sesame tofu, a soft-boiled egg and Asian beans. It is the perfect meal to fuel you up and just happens to taste absolutely wonderful, so do yourself a favour and grab yourself a bowl!

You just can't beat a great big bowl of noodles to fill your stomach with and these veggie noodles only make the experience even better. Be sure to grab yourself a bowl next time you feel your stomach growl and experience them for yourself!

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