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  2. The classic all-American feast is on the TGI Fridays Menu this lunchtime
The TGI Fridays Menu on a Desk Near You This Lunchtime

The classic all-American feast is on the TGI Fridays Menu this lunchtime

Bored of a typical desk lunch and want something bigger and better? We get it. When you've got a lot of work to do, escaping from the office for a hearty lunch is out of the question. But why deny yourself the simple pleasures of amazing food? Especially when you're able to order in the very best... and an all-American feast should do the trick. At TGI Fridays, they say it's always Friday - and it's always American, too. They have everything from burgers to steaks, desserts and even Tex-Mex, influenced by their incredible Mexican neighbours. The TGI Fridays menu has a great array of the USA's favourite choices and these are the ones we reckon you should order to a desk near you.

1. Drink - Tropical Raspberry Tea

Fancy capturing the essence of island life, with its crystal-clear waters and tropical palm trees? It may seem a long way off from the office, but you can edge one step closer with the Tropical Raspberry Tea from TGI Fridays. This juicy refresher is exactly what you need to help you forget where you are and enjoy the fruity brewed flavours. Like a tropical breeze in a glass.

2. Starter - Fried Mozzarella

This may be a little cheesy, but we're ready to declare our love for Fried Mozzarella. At TGI Fridays it comes in the form of tasty sticks in a half-sized or a regular portion, but you'll enjoy the same great taste either way. Fried food is basically a USA staple, and this dish in particular is to die for. Crispy and golden on the outside, creamy melted cheese on the inside, all served up with marinara sauce. What's not to love?

3. Main - Ribs and Steak Duet

You wanted bigger and better, and with this offering - well, you sure got it! When the Ribs and Steak Duet hits your plate we'd put money on your reaction being, quite simply, "wow". Steak and ribs are American classics, but you've probably not had them quite like this. Both are marinated in sweet Tennessee sauce, which you won't understand until you taste it on your lips - so don't just take our word for it!

4. Side - Beef Bacon Mac & Cheese

In America, cheese and bacon are both kind of a big deal. Also in America, you'll find that mac and cheese is often served up as a side, so nobody has to ever miss out. Featuring key ingredients that are (arguably) the secrets of happiness, with Beef Bacon Mac & Cheese you really can't go wrong. Did we mention it comes in the irresistible form of crunchy, crispy bites?!

5. Dessert - New York Cheesecake

New York, New York... it sure is a long way away. However, you don't have to go far to enjoy a New York Cheesecake, freshly baked. It's creamy, it melts in your mouth - and if you have the space left, it's the perfect way to end your feast!

At TGI Fridays, it's always Friday. On Deliveroo, it can feel that way too.

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