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  2. Take Your Taste Buds On A Thai Food Adventure With The Best Fish Cakes In Dubai
The Greatest Fish Cakes in Dubai Are A Thai Food Sensation

Take Your Taste Buds On A Thai Food Adventure With The Best Fish Cakes In Dubai

It is no secret that Thai food is some of the best in the world. Whether you're into spicy hot dishes or something a little milder, there is always something to suit all tastes.

If you are looking for the perfect starter to kick off your Thai meal just right, then fish cakes are just the thing for you. With so many tasty flavours and textures to enjoy, they are the perfect addition to any meal. So, without further ado, let's explore some of the best Thai fish cakes you can get your hands on in Dubai.

1. Tod Mon Pla

Fish starters are a great way to begin any meal, so make sure you grab some of the Tod Mon Pla served over at Nom Nom Asia next time you're feeling hungry. These fish cakes are a hugely popular Thai snack and for good reason. The deep fried fish bites hit the spot every time, made with a fresh fish paste, red curry paste, long beans and kafir lime leaves for a deeply satisfying and delectable starter dish. Here's a tip: You may need to place a couple of orders for the table as they will go down an absolute treat!

2. Koi Tiow Ta Lay

If you are looking to enjoy your fish cakes along with a tasty Thai meal, then the Koi Tiow Ta Lay served at Shogun is right up your street. Shogun may be a Korean restaurant but they sure know how to make some excellent Thai food as well. This yummy rice noodle soup is served in a seafood broth where each bite is accompanied by delicious fresh seafood and comes with a serving of perfectly fried fish cakes. We agree that Thai fish cakes need to be a part of the main event and not just a starter, which is why this dish is perfect for fish cake lovers all over town!

3. Tod Mun Goong

The Tod Mun Goong served at Benjarong is a simple yet totally addictive shrimp cake which will have you begging the chef for the recipe once you've finished eating them. These shrimp cakes are deep-fried to absolute perfection and served with a sweet plum sauce which adds even more wonderful flavour to the dish. Each bite is an absolute delight - they are so good you'll be unable to keep your hands off them, let alone let anyone else take a bite!

4. Prawn Cakes

Whether you are a long time lover of fish cakes or just want to try something new, the Prawn Cakes from Fuchsia Urban Thai are definitely a must-try for anyone. These deep fried prawn cakes are made with kafir lime leaf, which helps give them the perfect amount of crispy texture and fresh flavour. They are served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce which complements the flavours beautifully and will fast become a new favourite starter dish for anyone who tries it.

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