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Halal Dishes to Get Those Taste Buds Singing in Dubai

Feeling fruity? These vibrant halal dishes will get those taste buds singing

If you're someone who can't handle their spices or you just fancy exploring the various flavours found in halal dishes across the United Arab Emirates, these fragrant fruit-based dishes will give you a new lease of life.

It's great to see halal restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and beyond pushing the culinary boundaries and creating vibrant meals that don't have to leave your mouth on fire and your forehead sweating. Here are some of the best halal dishes brought to life with a fruity flair.

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1. Crispy Halloumi Sticks, Saj & Co.

Saj & Co. offer delicious Halal cuisine on tap seven days a week. The brains behind this restaurant are the owners of Logma and they've worked hard to create a cool urban bakery based on authentic Levantine recipes and flavours. One of our favourite appetisers here is transformed by the inclusion of pomegranate seeds. Their breaded halloumi sticks are garnished with pomegranate, providing an explosion of sweetness that cuts through the saltiness of the cheese.

2. Chicken Biryani, 7Spice London by Kitchen Lab

A chicken biryani is an aromatic and flavourful Indian dish that's regularly eaten to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions. It takes lots of time and effort to perfect a biryani, but the guys at 7Spice London by Kitchen Lab have certainly hit the jackpot here. This restaurant specialises in a range of British Indian favourites including vintage biryanis inspired by Bradford's Indian community. Their chicken biryani is bursting with vegetables, fruits and nuts for a vibrant dish that's layered with a variety of textures. The slow-cooked dried fruits in this sauce are a heavenly combo with the tender chicken.

3. Kebab Bel Karaz, Leila 

Since 2013, Leila has been delighting Deliveroo customers with delicious Lebanese cuisine that's crafted with a contemporary twist. Their traditional, hearty and soulful food features a number of vibrant and fruity dishes, our favourite being the Kebab Bel Karaz. These delicious, fresh balls of meat are generously coated in a sticky cherry sauce that perfectly complements each herby lamb mouthful. Their Mttabal Debs El Remen is perfect for dipping with pittas, with pomegranate molasses topping this mashed aubergine and tahini dip that's incredibly moreish.

4. Lamb's Liver, Karam Beirut

If you're in close proximity to the Dubai Mall then make sure you place an order at Karam Beirut, with flavourful Lebanese fast food cuisine. Fruits tend to be utilised a lot in Lebanese cooking and we were particularly blown away by their tender Lamb's Liver, which is sautéed in lemon juices to really bring the meat to life. They do something similar with their Chicken Liver dish, but this one is sautéed in pomegranate syrup. These fruits help to create a light and fresh sauce to accompany the rich iron flavours of the livers.

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