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Three Sweet Treats You Had Better Make Room For

Three sweet treats you had better make room for

No matter how much food we eat at lunch or dinner, we can always manage to find some room for a dessert. Desserts round off the meal perfectly, or can be a perfect treat all on their own, although finding the best dessert that isn't too rich or dry can sometimes be difficult. We have put together a list of three of the best places to grab some great desserts in Dubai.

1. Cereal Killer Café

Originally hailing from London, UK, the Cereal Killer Café is a dessert restaurant with a bit of a twist; they exclusively serve cereal! They opened their doors two years ago and now their restaurant has taken the world by storm, so they are definitely worth a try. Everyone loves cereal, and these guys step up their bowls by adding multiple kinds of cereal and sweets to make a tasty dessert dish. Try out their Chocopotomus, which features Krave and Cocopops cereals, Happy Hippo chocolate treats all served in a dish of chocolate milk. If you're still in the mood for a sweet treat after this, try out their Salted Caramel Maltshake to wash it all down!

Where: Cereal Killer Café, Downtown Dubai.

2. Mythos

Taking it back to basics with traditional, well-loved desserts is something that can't be beaten. It doesn't get more traditional or delicious than Baklava, one of the oldest desserts in the world which is only getting tastier and tastier. Mythos is a Greek restaurant which serves some of the best baklava in the city, so make sure you try out their Saraglakia, an oven-baked filo pastry which is drenched in chocolate and topped with perfectly roasted pistachios for a sweet treat you'll be telling all of your friends about. You could also try their Galaktobourekakia baklava: sweet filo pastry rolls which are filled with sweet vanilla custard and served with homemade aromatic syrup. Whichever you choose, you'll be scraping at your plate for more!

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Where: Mythos, J.L.T, Dubai

3. Magnolia Bakery

Who doesn't love cake? A good slice of cake can make all of your troubles slide away, so making sure you get the best kind is always important. The Magnolia Bakery has so many different kinds of cakes on offer that it can be difficult to choose, from classics such as vanilla, chocolate and mocha to speciality cakes such as Red Velvet and Devil's Food. To get into the autumnal Halloween mood, try out their Pumpkin Spice cake, made with seasonal flavours such as pumpkin, dried cranberries and aromatic spices to make you feel as if you are practically walking through crunchy autumn leaves, and all topped off with a smooth caramel cream cheese icing. We can pretty much guarantee you'll be ordering with the Magnolia Bakery time and time again just to taste all of their yummy cakes.

Where: Magnolia Bakery, Dubai Mall, Dubai.

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