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Top Middle Eastern Desserts For Ramadan

Top Middle Eastern desserts and sweets to try this Ramadan

Ramadan might be quite different this year due to our joint effort to stay inside, but that doesn't mean you're going to want to eat less sweet treats at night with your family or during a video call catchup together → Have we found a board game that can be played over an internet connection yet?

Whether you order dessert during a family meal or digital call we think you'll find these to be absolutely perfect for your Ramadan evenings:

  1. Katayef (Cheese and Walnut)

Katayef is a dessert that is commonly served during the month of Ramadan, which is a sweet dumpling filled with cream or nuts. It can be described as a folded pancake.

  1. Kunafa

Middle Eastern dessert made with thin noodle-like pastry, or alternatively fine semolina dough, soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup, and typically layered with cheese, or with other ingredients such as clotted cream or nuts.

  1. Umm Ali

Umm Ali is a dessert which is served hot or cold and is made of pastry which is divided into pieces and blended with pistachios, coconut flakes, raisins and plenty of sugar. Cream is poured over the pastry/nut mixture, which is then sprinkled with cinnamon before being baked in the oven until it is gorgeously golden brown.

  1. Luqaimat

 pastries made of leavened and deep-fried dough, soaked in syrup or honey, sometimes coated with cinnamon or other ingredients.

  1. Osmalieh (Nuts)

Two layers of golden vermicelli stuffed with cream drizzled with syrup is the perfect recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth after Iftar.

  1. Halawet El Jebben

This Arabic dessert is made of a Semolina and cheese dough, filled with cream. It's absolutely divine, and best served with a good sprinkling of crushed pistachios.

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