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  2. Top tandoor trumps - 5 of Dubai’s best Indian appetisers from the oven
Top Tandoor Trumps - Dubai’s best Indian Appetisers from the Oven

Top tandoor trumps - 5 of Dubai’s best Indian appetisers from the oven

There is something about Indian dishes cooked in a tandoor which never fails to put a smile on our faces. These cylindrical clay or metal ovens are able to cook at temperatures approaching 500 degrees Celsius, significantly higher than most conventional ovens, and the end result is hugely rewarding – particularly if you enjoy the full spectrum of spicy experiences.

Tandoor cooking is one of the most authentic aspects of Punjabi cuisine. It is capable of cooking marinated meats and vegetables and keeping them wonderfully juicy. Not only that, this form of cooking is exceptionally healthy too. Let's take a look at some of the best tandoori appetisers you can order from Indian takeaways in Dubai.

1. Murg Tandoori, Bazaar Restaurant

Arguably the best way to cook a succulent piece of chicken is on the bone. Bazaar Restaurant's Murg Tandoori is marinated chicken in authentic tandoori spices and yoghurt before being grilled in the tandoor. The beautiful thing is that the outside of the chicken has a wonderful charred taste and texture. Inside the meat, the spices have infused wonderfully and the chicken stays extremely moist. A great sharing dish to get the taste buds going.

2. Dal Makhni, Royal Mughal

Sometimes the most delicious Indian appetisers are the simplest ones. Take Royal Mughal's Dal Makhni for example. These black lentils and red beans may, on the surface, appear somewhat bland. But cook them down with spices and herbs low and slow overnight in the tandoor and the end result is a delicious Dal that can be used both as a dip with naan or as a side.

3. Naya Tandoori Salmon, Naya

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Tandoori cooking extends to delicious seafood as well as meats and vegetables. At the wonderful Naya restaurant, the team specialises in a melt-in-the-mouth Naya Tandoori Salmon that's jam-packed with flavour. The salmon is coated generously with a tandoori piquant marinade and a dill and garlic masala, before being pot-roasted slowly to infuse the spices. It's a particularly lavish appetiser, but you only need a few flakes of this tandoori salmon to appreciate the warmth of the marinade and the complimentary masala.

4. Mille Julle Kebabs, Handi

Another great appetiser choice from the tandoor for any casual Indian takeaway is Handi's Mille Julle Kebabs. They come in a sharing platter for two people, so bear that in mind when you order. With a great selection of mutton, chicken and fish kebabs cooked in the restaurant's own unique blend of herbs and spices and grilled in the tandoor, these kebabs are so enjoyable that you could even turn them into a main course!

5. Tandoori Lamb Chops, Mint Leaf of London

Lamb chops lend themselves perfectly to being cooked in a tandoor. Mint Leaf of London's Tandoori Lamb Chops are marinated in a barbecue-style seasoning and cooked medium-well done. The lamb simply falls off the bone and is great with some cooling yoghurt to counterbalance the fiery barbecue marinade.

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