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  2. Cheese Louise! Dubai’s best cheese and veggie takeaways
Cheese Louise! Dubai’s Best Cheese and Veggie Takeaways

Cheese Louise! Dubai’s best cheese and veggie takeaways

Gone are the days when all vegetarian food was nothing more than a few green leaves on a plate. Today, thanks to ever-evolving gastronomy, some creative ideas and a general acceptance that non-meat dishes don't have to be bland, you can find some fantastic veggie dishes across Dubai. From fresh salads to spicy side dishes, our collection of vegetarian takeaways in Dubai will have you chowing down without a sinew or ounce of flesh insight.

Wait, what's that, you want to know what really makes the best meat-free meals a taste sensation? Sure, the answer is simple: cheese. Aside from being a bundle of protein, this creamy accompaniment is the perfect way to add some real flavour to your vegetarian meal. What's more, because cheese comes in all shapes, sizes and flavours, there's a myriad of ways a chef can prepare it. With this in mind, we've said cheese Louise and picked out our four favourite veggie takeaways in Dubai.

1. Baker & Spice (Jumeirah) - Signature Mac & Cheese

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One of top rated delivery partners in Dubai, Baker & Spice offers a compendium of meat and veggie dishes. Naturally, if you're sans meat, you'll want to steer clear of popular picks such as poached chicken broth and head for a homemade helping of beetroot bucatini featuring madras chickpea curry, lemon zest and coconut. However, if we're talking cheese, the classic combination of macaroni pasta and cheese is a Baker & Spice staple thanks to its combination of sharp and creamy tones.

2. Patiala - Chili Paneer

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You might think that Indian food is all about meat, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, when you peel back the layers, you'll find that many traditional dishes are non-meaty affairs. One staple ingredient is native cheese known as paneer and Patiala's chefs are masters at using it. For a classic tandoori tikka flavour without the chicken, choose the paneer option with carom and yellow chilli powder. For something a little hotter, the chilli paneer with bell peppers offers a creamy yet punchy takeout dish.

3. Richy's (JLT) - Bold Beetroot Salad

In among the recent innovations to hit the world of vegetarian cuisine, the good old fashion salad still stands proud. For a fresh hit of flavour, the aptly named Bold Beetroot Salad at Richy's is fantastic. To complement the earthy notes of beets and spinach, creamy goat cheese coats the palate before mint and pear cut through the noise to leave the tongue ready for its next bite. Perfect.

4. Potato Hut - Beetroot and Yoghurt

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Our final stop on this cheesy tour of Dubai's best veggie eateries brings us to Potato Hut. For as long as people have been stuffing potatoes with fillings, cheese has been on the menu and this place is no different. Located inside Mercato Mall but delivering directly to your door, Potato Hut is a veritable cheese feast. Put simply, if you want to add some bite to your favourite fillings, you can add cheese. Although there are plenty of meat options, the Beetroot and Yoghurt combination is a must for all veggies. Aside from cheese having a leading role in this dish, the yoghurt toppings make for another layer of creaminess in amount the sharp bites of chilli powder.

Regardless of how many cheesy puns we throw at you, the proof is in the eating. A few clicks through our Dubai delivery network is the best way to find the perfect vegetarian takeaways in your local area.

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