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  2. Beat This: The 5 most authentic traditional Italian restaurants in UAE
Beat This: The 5 Most Authentic Traditional Italian Restaurants in UAE

Beat This: The 5 most authentic traditional Italian restaurants in UAE

No matter where in the world you may be, there's always one cuisine that almost everyone can agree on: Italian.

Whether you're a pizza fan or a pasta enthusiast - or, like us, love both - there are traditional Italian restaurants throughout the United Arab Emirates that will satisfy your taste buds. Here are just some of the top ristorante Italiano in different areas of the UAE.

1.Massimo's Italian Restaurant

Situated on the waterfront of Park Island, Massimo's is a favourite among locals. The chefs there specialise in authentic, traditional Italian food – even their ingredients are imported and selected directly from Italy. Massimo's pasta arrabbiata is particularly well liked, served with penne pasta topped with garlic, tomato and herb sauce. That said, they do offer a wide range of pizzas, seafood and even desserts, as well as plenty of pasta options.

Where: Massimo's Italian Restaurant, Dubai


If you're looking for a mixture of traditional Italian cuisine and modern, flashy dishes Pizzaro is the place to go. Whether you're a meat lover, a veggie or have a hankering for some seafood, they have it all. The penne pollo e funghi is particularly delicious, though pizza enthusiasts must try the classic calzone as it is packed with mozzarella, turkey ham, button mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.

Where: Pizzaro Ristorante Italiano, Dubai

3.Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

Anyone craving a laid-back, speedy traditional Italian meal in Abu Dhabi heads to Broccoli Pizza & Pasta. It couldn't be simpler – you just pick what you'd like, including bases, sauces and toppings. Within minutes a fresh meal will be served to you whether it be an intricate shrimp pasta or a massive Greek pizza with olives, peppers and mushrooms. This establishment also focuses entirely on health-conscious dishes, so you can guarantee you're eating right.

Where: Broccoli Pizza & Pasta, Abu Dhabi

4.Vicolo Italian Street Food

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As the owners of Vicolo explain on their website, there is something truly magical about the streets of Italy, which may be why the street food there is so spectacular. Even the most inexperienced diner has to respect the small cafes that line the tiny side roads of Italy and the incredible food they serve. At Vicolo, they want to recreate this atmosphere and the food with authentic recipes and ingredients straight from their homeland.

Where: Vicolo Italian Street Food, Dubai

5.Rossovivo Italian Restaurant

Although it isn't for everyone, the calzone has a rich, deep history steeped in Italian tradition. We're kidding – "calzone" translates to "trouser" and no-one is really sure who came up with it. Basically, a calzone is a pizza that has been enclosed to keep all that oozing, yummy mozzarella inside the golden, oven-baked crust. At Rossovivo they excel at making calzone, alongside many other traditional Italian dishes such as fiore di zucca, insalati di tonno and tiramisu.

Where: Rossovivo Italian Restaurant, Dubai

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