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  2. Tried and Tasted #2
Tried and Tasted #2

Tried and Tasted #2

Another week, another tonne of delicious dishes making their way through the Deliveroo Dubai office. In the week when temperatures soared and the whole office was busy bickering about who came first at the company bowling night, this is what we were ordering. Welcome back to 'Tried and Tasted'.

#1 Breakfast Sweet Waffles

Head of Operations, Lucie, began her busy week with these Instagram worthy waffles.Garnished with fresh berries, vanilla creme anglaise and a dollop of creme patisserie, Lucie promises that these waffles can turn any morning into a good one.

Lucie's tip: Get these on a Sunday morning, they'll set you up for the week ahead.


Order from Pantry Café: Al Safa 1 | Downtown Dubai

#2 Beef Wok with Udon Noodles

Account Manager, Yasmine, had everybody copying her personalised Wok order when this aromatic dish arrived for her lunch. Made with a combo of thick udon noodles, sesame sauce, succulent beef, pak choy, snow peas, kenyan beans and shimeji mushrooms, this dish is one of Yasmine's favourites because 'it's pretty healthy and totally delicious'.

Yasmine's tip: This is a build your own bowl, so switch it up to suit your tastes!


Order from Wok & Bao by Bazxar: DIFC

#3 Hummus and Chicken

Marketing Manager, George, is a huge fan of this wholesome and hearty hummus dish. Hummus on it's own can get a little bit samey, so adding chicken on top is a great way to mix it up!

George's tip: This phenomenal hummus is best enjoyed with traditional kubbos!


Order from Zenobia Charcoal Grill: City Walk

#4 Penne Arrabiata

Content Manager, Mahek, brought some spice into the office when she enjoyed this fiery penne arrabiata for lunch. Topped with parsley and piccante pepperoncini, Mahek says that this dish is one of her favourites because it satisfies her chilli cravings.

Mahek's tip: Make sure to grate loads of parmesan cheese on top!


Order from Kris Kros: Downtown Dubai

#5 Green Morning Bowl

Account Executive, Michelle, was the victim of a few jealous glances whilst tucking into this fresh and nourishing breakfast. Featuring a healthy mix of poached eggs, grilled halloumi, sautéed kale, spinach, asparagus, shallots, quinoa, green peas, dukkah, chia seeds, guacamole and rice, Michelle promises that this dish will keep you full throughout the morning.

Michelle's tip: This is a great breakfast for work but is best enjoyed on a Friday morning when you can really savour it.


Order from Friends' Avenue Café: JLT | Motor City

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