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Tried and Tasted #3

Tried and Tasted #3

Ramadan has begun! After a busy day of resisting temptation at the Dubai office, you can bet that our Roo Crew was eager to tuck into a delicious dinner at sundown. After all, nothing works up an appetite quite like looking at pictures of food all day! Are you looking for a little Iftar Inspiration? Then sit back and enjoy another 'Tried and Tasted'.

#1 Pinzafied Margherita

Our Special Projects Manager, Yousef, really knows his Pinza. So when he claims that this is his fave Pinza dish, you should probably take him seriously. Yousef is a firm believer in sticking with the classics, and it doesn't get much more classic than topping your pizza with cherry tomatoes, creamy burrata and basil! Yousef says that he generally gets his pizza fix from Pinza because he loves that their water based pizza dough is a healthier option than your typical, standard stuff.

Yousef's Tip: Seeing as Pinza's pizzas are healthier than classic pizzas, you should enjoy them twice as often. It only makes sense!


Order from Pinza: Business Bay | Jumeirah Village Circle | Al Musalla 

#2 Tom Yang Goong & Side Order of Asian Greens

Our Marketing Associate, Naz, decided to order a pretty light dinner after getting home late from a busy day. Sweet and spicy, Naz promises that this prawn and mushroom soup is filling, flavourful and the perfect remedy for a hectic afternoon.

Naz's tip: Get a side order of greens, just to make your meal extra-healthy.


Order from The Noodle House: Al Sufouh | DIFC | Madinat Al Jumeirah | Karama

#3 Salmon Greens & Grains

Our health conscious Account Executive, Michelle, loves this fresh and colourful salad. After eating it for dinner this week, she was raving about how delicious it was well into the afternoon the next day! As you can imagine, this didn't do much to help suppress appetites! Topped with smoked salmon, sweet potato, avocado, pesto, edamame beans, baby plum tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil, Michelle is pretty adamant that she'll be eating this one again soon.

Michelle's Tip: You have to try this one, trust me!


Order from Toss'd: Design District | The Palm

#4 Bancakes

Our Account Executive, Lana, made the most of One Life's all day breakfast options when she ordered these picture-perfect waffles for dinner one night this week. These bancakes are gluten and dairy free - even though they don't look it! Topped with fresh fruit, almonds, mint and raw maple syrup, Lana says she's pretty sure you won't go back to regular pancakes once you've tried these.

Lana's tip: These are available all day so they're perfect for satisfying your late night sweet tooth!


Order from One Life Kitchen & Café: Design District

#5 Torikatsu Skewers

Head of Operations, Lucie, loved these torikatsu skewers that she tried over the weekend. Made of crispy breaded chicken that's covered in a sweet tonkatsu sauce, Lucie says that the texture combo makes this dish pretty special.

Lucie's tip: If you love Japanese food, this one's for you!


Order from Atisuto: City Walk | Deira | Downtown Dubai

Ok, you're already hungry, so you might as well read about what we ate last week.

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