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Tried and Tasted #4

Tried and Tasted #4

Ramadan is underway, temperatures are turning up and thermostats are turning down. Here at Deliveroo HQ, our Roos are busy enjoying the shorter working hours and, of course, indulging in a few late night feasts! Here's another selection of what we were enjoying this week. Welcome back to 'Tried and Tasted'.

#1 Baby Chicken with Frikeh

Our General Manager, Anis, feasted on this delicious chicken for dinner this week. Anis says that this is one of his favourite dinner options because it's so fragrant and juicy. Comes stuffed with frikeh, mixed nuts and a side of yoghurt (which we forgot to photograph, oops!). Iftar Inspiration anyone?!

Anis' Tip: This has a lot of traditional flavours, so it really helps you to get into the Ramadan spirit.


Order from Zenobia Charcoal Grill: City Walk

#2 Mixed Seafood Crispy Noodles

Our Marketing Associate, Naz, has been hitting the gym hard recently and is trying to keep her food healthy to match! To build herself up after a workout sesh, she enjoyed these mixed seafood crispy noodles for dinner. They come topped with tonnes of delicious seafood and veggies.

Naz's Tip: These are filling but also pretty healthy, so they're a post-workout favourite of mine.


Order from Royal China: DIFC

#3 Create Your Own Pizza

Our Content Manager, Mahek, is a pizza fanatic. She loves ordering from NKD Pizza because 'you can create the exact pizza you want depending on your mood, no matter how random the topping combo'. This week she went for BBQ sauce, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and super hot gambia chillies!

Mahek's tip: I like spicy food so gambia chillies are great for me, but I'd suggest opting for grisu chillies if you're looking for something milder and don't want your eyes to water while you eat...


Order from NKD Pizza: Business Bay | Marina West | Motor City

#4 Middle-Eastern Mess Salad

Our Account Manager, Yasmine, was also getting into the Ramadan spirit when she ordered this Middle-Eastern Mess Salad for her dinner. Made with baby spinach, dates, onions, almonds, middle-eastern potato salad, stuffed kibbeh and a sprinkle of sumac and chilli, this salad is sure to keep you full.

Yasmine's tip: The flavours in this are really unique for a salad, you should try it out!


Order from BookMunch Café: Al Safa 1 | Downtown Dubai

#5 Lamb Shank Biryani

Head of Operations, Lucie, tucked into this sumptuous lamb shank biryani for her dinner this week. Aromatic and subtly spiced, this biryani comes topped with a traditional Indian bread that also ensures it's piping hot when it arrives - bonus!

Lucie's tip: Mint Leaf have loads of great dishes but this one is probably my favourite. It's pretty big so you might want to think about sharing it!


Order from Mint Leaf of London: DIFC

Not had your fill yet? Take a peek into what we ate last week.

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