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 Tried and Tasted #7

Tried and Tasted #7

Eid has arrived and it's time to celebrate! With everyone in joyous moods following the company Iftar on Tuesday night, the whole office was ready to order a whole load of interesting meals for their final Iftars at home. Here's a choice selection of what we had. Eid Mubarak!

#1 Tomate Mozzarelle

Our Account Manager, Yasmine, definitely satisfied her mozarella cravings with this sandwich from PAUL. Bursting with slices of creamy mozzarella, juicy tomatoes and homemade pesto sauce, this sandwich is sure to keep you full.

Yasmine's tip: I love to drizzle some balsamic vinegar on the side salad.


Order from PAUL Bakery & Restaurant: JBR | Arabian Ranches 2 | Al Barsha 1 | City Walk | Mirdif | Festival City | Healthcare City | Port Saeed | Ibn Battuta | Jumeirah 1

#2 Lotus Bun

Our Marketing Associate, Naz, is a huge fan of these lotus buns. An unusual choice, these buns are filled with a lotus seed paste that is fairly sweet in flavour. Naz loves them because they satisfy your sweet tooth, without being overly unhealthy.

Naz's tip: I know these sound a little different but trust me - they're amazing!


Order from Fuchsia Urban Thai: TECOM | Downtown

#3 Portobello Mushroom + Feta Cheese S'wich

Our Marketing Intern, Mairi, became obsessed with this Mushroomy shawarma from S'wich. It's chock full of mushrooms, feta cheese, lettuce, spring onions, oregano and tzatziki and is definitely Mairi's new fave.

Mairi's tip: I like to customise my S'wich with jalapenos and green olives. And I always get the paprika fries on the side!


Order from S'wich Gourmet Shawarmas: Business Bay | Marina

#4 Samosas and Palak Paneer Pops

Our Account Manager, Edoardo, loves Soy to Chutney's range of traditional street food options. His two faves are definitely the samosas and the palak paneer pops - a classic Indian street food that's full of cottage cheese and spinach.

Edoardo's tip: Order a couple batches of these appetizers - they're great for sharing with friends.


Order from Soy to Chutney: Downtown

#5 The Mexican

Our Marketing Manager, George, satisfied his weekend burger cravings with this hot and spicy Mexican burger from Classic. It comes with an Australian angus beef patty, grilled red onions, sweet green peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and tangy jalapenos.

George's tip: Classic Burger Joint's skin on fries are my favourite french fries by far!


Order from Classic Burger Joint: Sheikh Zayed Road | Knowledge Village 

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