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Fish With A Difference - Dubai's Unusual Seafood Dishes

Hook yourself some of Dubai’s most unusual seafood dishes

Seafood's always been a big part of Japanese cuisine and, in Dubai, there's no shortage of brilliant restaurants serving it up in every imaginable way from sushi to sashimi and beyond.

Naturally, this dependence on the sea's harvest has meant that more and more inventive ways of using fish have been devised and today we have a dazzling array of choices, not just in the recipes but also in the sorts of fish and shellfish being used.

This is great news for fish lovers because it means that there are always new dishes to enjoy and flavours to experience. So, if you fancy a bit of a walk on the wild side when it comes trying outstanding seafood dishes, here are five very tasty options for you.

1. Citrus Sea Bream Poke Bowl - Poke Art by Sushi Art

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You'll probably be familiar with the poke bowl by now but, if you're not, a good description would be deconstructed sushi featuring a bowl of rice with high-quality raw fish, vegetables, and dressing on top. The difference in this version, from Poke Art by Sushi Art, is that it features sea bream, a variety not often found on many Japanese restaurant menus. Here, its meaty texture works perfectly alongside all the other ingredients, which includes avocado, kumquat, ponzu sauce, and coriander.

2. Unagi - Moshi

You'll find another unusual ingredient from the deep in the sushi temaki from Moshi. The clue's in the name "unagi" which is the Japanese word for "eel" and which, technically, is still a kind of fish. Here you'll find it paired with other ingredients including avocado, sesame seeds, and eel sauce. If eel's not your thing, then you'll also be pleased to discover they do a prawn version too.

3. Salata Mogarmasha - Itadaki Japanese

When we tell you that the fishy element in Itadaki Japanese's Salata Mogarmasha comes from salmon, you might wonder what's so unusual about that. The answer is that it's just the crispy skin that is included and it works fantastically well alongside the salad's other elements of two kinds of lettuce and miso dressing.

4. Spicy Dynamite Prawn - Atisuto

Similarly, prawns aren't all that unusual to find in the seafood section of a menu but the way they're prepared at Atisuto may well blow you away. Plump, tender prawns are dressed in the super-spicy dynamite sauce and sprinkled with sesame seed and julienned beetroot – to dramatic effect.

5. Gunken Sushi - Ucci Sushi Restaurant


The gunken sushi at Ucci Sushi Restaurant isn't just unusual for the fact that it includes fish roe to add a piquant flavour; the more surprising part is that they use some very unusual varieties of fish too. For example, there's the choice of flying fish, smelt, and salmon – and they're all equally delicious.

So why not dive into some very different kinds of fish dishes with Deliveroo today?

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