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  2. How to harness the healthy benefits of grapes without really trying
5 Amazing Ways to Enjoy the Healthy Benefits of Grapes

How to harness the healthy benefits of grapes without really trying

Grapes are great, aren't they? Terrific little taste bombs of fruity flavour that are super juicy too. But the question is how to get them into your diet so you can enjoy all the healthy benefits of grapes in some more interesting and inventive ways? Simple. You just need to search through the menus of breakfast takeaways and other restaurants to find dishes and drinks that include them. But, luckily for you, we've already begun the quest and come up with some genuine winners. In fact, we'd go as far as to say that they're really grape! So how are you going to enjoy your grapes?

1. With a whole lot of granola

When it comes to the crunch, there aren't many breakfasts that are quite as healthy, wholesome and delicious as a great big bowl of granola. But down at Sugar Factory they take it even further by adding a whole lot of other healthy extras to their Fresh Fruit Bowl With Granola including banana, apple, pears, strawberries and, needless to say, grapes. Then they add plain yoghurt to create a breakfast that's sure to get you to the top of your game.

2. In a nice cup of tea

Stop on over at Bubble Station to enjoy a fruity take on tea that will rival any of the other delicious options of drinks and juices to be found in Dubai. It's one in a wide range of healthy and refreshing teas they offer and looks as amazing as it tastes. Alternatively, you could also go for their grape smoothie, another really unusual way to get some of your fruity intake for the day.

3. To liven up a salad


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As one of the countries most famous for its grapes, it's no wonder that they turn up in a salad from the Italian restaurant Mercato. The Ferro Salad has both green grapes and raisins as well as baby spinach, creamy goat's cheese, ripe pears and crunchy pine nuts. It's perfect as a starter or substantial enough for a light lunch, whichever you prefer!

4. In a green curry


It might be their Seafood Green Curry, but at Social House they add a fruity note with the addition of red grapes. This adds a unique sweetness that plays perfectly with the more aromatic Thai flavours and helps to balance the heat too. So if you never thought that you'd see grapes popping up in a curry, here's a dish to prove your wrong and make you wonder why you'd never tried it before.

5. With an amazing cheese board

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Kaftan Turkish Cuisine and Fine Art may be a bit of a mouthful but they certainly know all about putting great flavours together. Their Gurme Peynir Tabagi is a classic Turkish breakfast of cheese and fruit whose flavours perfectly complement each other. Naturally, grapes play a starring role and all you need is a flatbread or two to make this breakfast complete.

Following our fruity suggestions, why not check out a grape dish or two yourself? Deliveroo will be happy to fetch it.

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