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Four of the Very Best reasons to Try Vegan Pizza

Why vegan pizza is a must try meal choice

Okay, we know what you're thinking. Unless you've already been introduced to the wonderful world of vegan dining, you're probably here for no other reason than that you were curious about how we were going to sell it to you. Vegetarian or carnivore, you're imagining a pizza minus cheese, pepperoni, and all of that other good stuff, and thinking how unappetising it sounds.  

Oh ye of little faith, prepare to be converted! Have a quick click through our list below, and find four very good reasons to give it a try and see for yourself just how right we are…

1. It's super healthy

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Yes, we know that you don't usually choose your pizza on the basis of it being healthy, but if you like to make sure your diet is as nutritious and good for your body as it can be, then vegan pizza is well worth a try, whether you want to go the whole hog and cut animal products out of your diet entirely or just see how it tastes. Typically loaded with lots of tasty veggies, it's filled to the brim with good stuff, and usually lacks the overload of cheese that makes its more traditional alternative a less than ideal dietary option.

Case in point? The California Veggie from Zpizza (you can request this in either vegan or gluten-free form).

2. You can still get your daily dose of dairy (kind of)

Your natural assumption when you saw the word 'vegan' was probably to panic at the thought of a cheese-free pizza, but never fear. Most vegan pizzas actually have plenty of flavoursome yellow stuff scattered atop them – it's just that they use a mozzarella alternative (usually made out of coconut oil) in place of the genuine article. Despite preconceived notions, this tends to taste just as good as the real stuff, so don't be put off by this one little detail.

Case in point? The OH MY VEGAN from PINZA.

3. It often introduces a new twist to the tasty original – and sometimes this is an improvement!

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It's hard to imagine that anyone could improve on a classic Margherita pizza, we know, but forced to be a little more innovative than usual, some vegan chefs have done just that. Looking around in search of new and flavoursome ingredients to add to the traditional base, many have incorporated tasty treats like pumpkin pesto, wood roast beets, maple butter, and more, to create gourmet chow that tastes truly great.

Case in point? The vegan version of the Tuscan Mushroom from Zpizza.

4. Because it's always fun to try new things

If you're still hovering on that fine line between tempted and unconvinced, think about it this way: it's always fun to try new things. If you're not 100 percent sold (and believe us, you will be), you can go back to good old pepperoni with a minimal amount of fuss; if you enjoy it, you have a healthy new option to add to your diet. It's a win-win situation!

Case in point? The FAUX Meat Lover Pinza from PINZA.

The next time you want to widen your eating experience by trying something new order through Deliveroo, give vegan pizza a go. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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