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4 Vegetarian Sushi Dishes That Prove Herbivores Have More Fun

4 vegetarian sushi dishes that prove herbivores have more fun

Japanese sushi, made using rice and various other fresh ingredients, has become incredibly popular all around the world over the last few years. Of course, Dubai never passes on a popular international cuisine, so there are plenty of Japanese restaurants to order from around town. However, it can be difficult for vegetarians to find the perfect Japanese sushi dish, as most meals are made using raw fish or beef. Never fear though, as we've found four vegetarian sushi dishes that prove herbivores have more fun.

1. Veggie Sushi Burrito, Chez Sushi

At Chez Sushi, they've somehow managed to combine decadent Japanese cuisine with a casual, everyday sushi bar concept. This means that every dish you order is created using fresh, delicious ingredients and yet there is nothing in there that you won't recognise in the relaxed recipes. Chez Sushi is perfect for first time sushi experiences, as well as for long-time veterans of Japanese food. A particularly great dish is the veggie sushi burrito, which transforms what could be a dull dish into an exciting, unique meal. Vegetables are packaged within rice, which takes the form of a Mexican burrito – the epitome of Chez Sushi's casual yet creative menu.

Where: Chez Sushi, Al Safa

2. Zen Rolls, Toko

Locals have waited years for Toko to open at the Vida Hotel, all waiting patiently to try the numerous dim dums, wok dishes and sushi that the restaurant is now renowned around Dubai for. The express business lunch is particularly popular as customers can order up to three courses during their lunch hour to get them through the rest of the day. Of course, there are plenty of veggie sushi options to choose from regardless of what time you order. Just one is the zen rolls dish, which is made up of eight sushi pieces consisting of lightly fried tofu, chuka, enoki, shiitake and teriyaki sauce.

Where: Toko, Vida Hotel Downtown

3. Hoso Avocado Maki, Mori Sushi

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Chances are, if you're a foodie you've heard of Mori Sushi – a Japanese fusion restaurant that has come all the way from Brazil to settle in Downtown Dubai. Every order from Mori Sushi is fresh, fancy and exceptionally tasty whethe you opt for big roll meals or a light salad. There's an entire portion of their lengthy menu named "Greenary" that caters to vegetarians specifically, with seven different options to choose from. The hoso avocado maki is particularly scrumptious, with avocado, cream cheese and fresh mint. The order comprises of six different maki pieces so we're sure you won't be left feeling hungry.

Where: Mori Sushi, Downtown Dubai

4. Vegetarian Bento, Mizu

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Of course, we couldn't write a veggie sushi piece without including at least one bento box option. At Mizu there are three bento dishes to choose from, with one being the specially made vegetarian bento box. Served with sashimi, miso soup and salad, this bento has edamame, agedashi tofu, vegetable tempura, maki cucumber roll, avocado rolls and a large portion of steamed rice. If that doesn't sound like something you fancy, there are also several other sushi, teppanyaki, curry and ramen vegetarian options to choose from on Mizu's lengthy menu.

Where: Mizu, Clarens Tower

For even more Japanese vegetarian sushi options, check out all the Japanese restaurants you can order from at Deliveroo.

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