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These 4 Scrumptious Dishes Will Put a Smile on Your Face

When stress levels are running high, these four delicious dishes will calm your soul

When life is giving us lemons, we should be squeezing them over a waffle or switching them up for antioxidant-rich sushi! We all need to let ourselves indulge a little and comfort food can be the ultimate emotional balm. The perfect way to make ourselves feel just a bit better, it has the seemingly magical ability to put us back on an even keel and make everything seem less exhausting.

And do you know the most interesting part? There's not just anecdotal evidence to suggest that a feast for one can help, but scientific research to back it up. So, the next time you're stressed out and in need of a serotonin boost, here are four foods that you ought to be ordering.  

1. Broccoli Soup from Broccoli Pizza and Pasta

After a hard day at work, it's always enjoyable to throw it back to school-age sick days with a warming bowl of soup. A veritable hug for your insides, this luscious liquid can give you a physical as well as an emotional boost, so long as you combine it with some leafy greens - a la Broccoli Soup from Broccoli Pizza and Pasta. Full of folate, this super healthy vegetable helps your body produce neurotransmitters that act to regulate your mood. The de-stress effect is almost instantaneous.    

2. Devil's Food Mocha Butter Cream Slice from Magnolia Bakery

When work is too much and life is getting on top of us, our naughtiest indulgences tend to be dessert-based, whether it's cream-topped waffles, gourmet cheesecake or banoffee pie that we're craving. So you'll be pleased to know that dark chocolate has been proven to help reduce stress hormones like cortisol, all at the same time as lowering your blood pressure and improving your circulation. For the best and most luxurious way to eat it, try the Devil's Mocha Butter Cream Slice from Magnolia Bakery. You know you want to!

3. True Belgian Waffle from Granny's Waffles

It's not just dark chocolate that can be great for de-stressing – any food that's high in sugar is beneficial. So here's another dessert pick for you: the True Belgian Waffle from Granny's Waffles. Like all foods that have a sizeable sugar content, it decreases the levels of anxiety-producing hormones in your body, bestowing an instant feel-good effect. It has the added boon of having dark chocolate present among its ingredients, for a double dose of happiness delivered straight to your stomach.

4. Salmon Poke from Sushi Counter

Should you find yourself in the mood for something a little more savoury and less sweet, than the Salmon Poke from Sushi Counter might be a better option. Its salmon base contains lots of omega-3 fats and its anti-inflammatory properties work by fighting off the negative effects of stress hormones on your mood. This can help to not only reduce your anxiety levels after a challenging day, but also keep you fighting fit and ready to take on the world.

Which of these anti-stress specials would you like to try first? You could always treat yourself and order them all from Deliveroo!

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