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Ways To Fulfil Your Cupcake Cravings

Call me cupcake: 6 awesome ways to fulfil your cupcake cravings

The ultimate 4pm pick-me-up and absolute gold for your Instagram feed – it's cupcakes. With soft sponge and intricately beautiful frosting delicately piped on top, these sweet little bakes are one the trendiest and tastiest guilty pleasures out there, and for good reason.

But how do you find the cream of the crop?  We've lined you up with some of the best cupcakes in Dubai and beyond.

1. Project Cupcake

They mean business over at Project Cupcake. From the time-honoured classics to exciting flavour combinations, they take their sweet treats seriously. Are you more of a Pretty Ballerina – with vanilla sponge and pink frosting – or do you prefer the Nutella Madness? It's the Red Velvet Valentine that gets our vote though, a soft red coloured cake, moist and fluffy, topped with a silky smooth cream cheese topping. It simply is a marriage made in sugary heaven.

Where: Project Cupcake, Dubai

2. SUKAR House of Desserts

You're going to want to break a piece of this Kit Kat inspired cupcake. It's the answer to that chocolate-bar-or-cake-debate you have with yourself when you're craving something sweet. SUKAR House of Desserts make it an easy choice, combining the satisfying biscuit crunch from a KitKat with a whipped light buttercream and airy cupcake base. Your cravings are officially covered.

Where: SUKAR House of Desserts, Dubai

3. Hummingbird Bakery

The guys here bring a taste of America to the UAE with their star-spangled offerings. From a New York Cheesecake to the Brooklyn Blackout, the cakes here are big, bold and beautiful.  We love the Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green Vanilla for a cupcake in all its original glory, but there's always the Carrot, Nutella or – one of our favourites – the Oreo too.

Where: Hummingbird Bakery, various locations

4. Magnolia Bakery

One of the reasons we're all so obsessed by these little creations is that they're like tiny works of art.  And at Magnolia Bakery, they pride themselves in making delicate homemade cupcakes that are as pleasing to the taste buds as they are to the eye. And the the chocolate and vanilla Flower Cupcake – beautifully layered with sugary frosting in bursts of colour – is almost too good to eat.

Where: Magnolia Bakery, various locations

5. Coldstone Creamery

Imagine everything you love about ice cream now in a cupcake form – that's just what's on offer at the Coldstone Creamery. Combining the best of both worlds, you'll find smooth, cool ice-cream topping off a freshly baked cupcake. Take a box of these beauties to your next barbecue and you'll be the star of the show.

Where: Coldstone Creamery, various locations

6. Looshi's

Looshi, the founding father of this place, had a love of French classy patisserie and wanted to spread that love here in the UAE – how thankful we are for his passion. Rediscover your childhood with the timeless classic Peanut Butter with Chocolate cupcake, with salty and sweet flavours that'll tickle the tongue.

Where: Looshi's, Dubai


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