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Where to Find Some Flippin’ Great Pancakes in Dubai

Where to find some flippin' great pancakes in Dubai

Pancakes are always a treat, but making them isn't always that much fun. First you have to get the consistency of your batter right, then have a good enough pan to flip them in, and then you've got to have the knack for actually cooking them well. Even if you're aiming for light and fluffy, there's no guarantee you won't end up with greasy and soggy! And when there are so many great eateries offering to do all the hard work for you, it's little wonder that so few of us go to the trouble to make our pancakes for breakfast these days. Aside from the necessary equipment and skills, how often do you have the same tempting toppings that you'd get on a restaurant menu just sitting in your fridge or in your cupboards waiting to be used? Pancakes, then, are even more of a treat if you order them to be delivered. Below we highlight our selection of the best pancakes in Dubai. Try them; they're flippin' great!

1. Clinton Street Baking Company

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The Clinton Street Baking Company certainly knows how to do pancakes and you'll find a choice of three additional toppings to the Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter. Whether you go for wild Maine blueberries, banana and walnut or chocolate chunk, you're sure to enjoy this stack of pancakes. Light and fluffy and dusted with icing sugar, they'd be great just with the maple butter, but the extra topping choice allows you to custom-build your pancakes the way you like them.

2. Fraiche Café and Bistro

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When a restaurant describes itself as a "food laboratory" you know you're in for something special, no matter what you order from the menu. At Fraiche, they make breakfast, salads and sandwiches, and every dish is given that special Fraiche je ne sais quoi, through the way it's cooked or with an addition of an extra ingredient or two.

On the breakfast menu, you'll find the unassumingly named Pancakes. These are Scotch-made pancakes and they're served with mixed berries and a generous drizzle of Canadian maple syrup. The contrast of the warm sweet pancakes with the tangy mixed berries is hard to beat.

3. One Life Kitchen and Café

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Who says pancakes are just for breakfast? At the One Life Kitchen, breakfast is served all day, so you can order pancakes at any time you want. Even better is the fact that their pancakes are suitable for diners who are gluten-free or dairy-free too.

The Stacked Pancakes are both dairy and gluten free. Instead of just plain pancakes made with dairy, these are banana pancakes. Not only that, but they also come with raspberries and blueberries, almond flakes, fresh mint and raw maple syrup.

Can pancakes get any better than this? Probably not, but we'll issue you a challenge to see if you can find a pancake dish in Dubai that's even better than the ones we've described here.

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