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  2. From lamb chops to bhuna gosht, these are Dubai’s tastiest lamb dishes
From Lamb Chops to Bhuna Gosht: Dubai’s Tastiest Lamb Dishes

From lamb chops to bhuna gosht, these are Dubai’s tastiest lamb dishes

Lamb's one of the best meats to order from a restaurant, because it's often cooked so well - which isn't always so easy to achieve at home. There's something about lamb that sets it apart from other meats. It's got a subtle, sweet taste to it, and it features in many different cuisines, each of which makes it their own with specialty dishes. We've selected five of the best lamb dishes available in Dubai. Some may not be familiar to you, but they all have one thing in common - they're delicious!

1. Grilled lamb chops

Sometimes one of the highest compliments you can pay a restaurant is to say that the food they serve tastes as if it were home-made. That's what the philosophy seems to be - where they promise Lebanese soul food that's cooked with passion and a mother's love.

It's hard to beat the taste and flavour of a grilled lamb chop that's cooked to perfection. And that's exactly what you'll get if you order Lamb Chops from the Mezzah Mix Grill menu at Mezza House. Eat them on their own for a carnivore feast, or pair them with one of the house salads like Tabbouleh or Fattoush, or even a rice dish.

2. Lahm B'ajin

If you thought lamb mince was only about moussaka, think again! You don't often associate lamb going into a salad dish, but that's what you find if you order Lahm B'ajin at Hala Lebanese Organic. It's one of their Mana'eesh Salads and is a combination of organic lamb mince, pomegranate molasses, tomato, onion and a special spice mix. If you've never had lamb in a salad before, this is the dish to choose.

3. Lamb biryani

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Lots of Indian dishes can be made with lamb, and one that's known the world over is biryani rice. A properly cooked biryani rice dish can't be rushed - you need to allow time for the long-grained rice to absorb the mix of spices that you cook it with. The rice is layered with the chosen meat - or vegetables - that have been cooked in a sauce. Everything is then covered and left to cook over a low heat. The delicate flavours and sweet meat of the Lamb Biryani at Biryani Pot have made it one of the restaurant's most popular dishes. Once you taste it, you'll see why.

4. Bhuna gosht

For a lamb curry that's got a really deep level of flavour, you should try a gosht dish. The meat is pan-fried with spices and then cooked in its own juices, which adds to the intensity of the dish's flavour. Gosht is a curry that is very popular in Pakistani and North Indian cooking. At Bombay Bungalow, the Bhuna Gosht is lamb fried with spices and cherry tomatoes in a balsamic sauce, which increases the complexity of flavour in this signature dish.

5. Lamb sliders

When a restaurant calls itself Bareburger, the clue's in the name as to what features heavily on the menu. As well as the usual beefburgers, you'll also find other kinds of burgers - including lamb, venison and mushroom. The focus is on cooking the burger to perfection and then matching it with the most complementary toppings and buns. Order Lamb Sliders and you'll get three; a heady combination of lamb with feta cheese, green salad, relish and labneh (cream cheese). Held together until you're ready to eat them, these sliders are gorgeous to look at and taste awesome.

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