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  2. White based pizzas are the next big thing in Dubai
White based pizzas to get your mouth watering in Dubai

White based pizzas are the next big thing in Dubai

We all love a good pizza every now and again - after all, it is the food of kings. However, it doesn't matter which toppings you prefer, the same old tomato base can get a little boring. Keep pizza exciting and delicious by switching to a white base. What exactly is a white base made with? Well, it can be anything really: cheese, cream, even a parsnip puree! There may be herbs or butter thrown in, but essentially white pizza bases are any sauce that is white. It's that simple. So, from Pitfire Pizza to Pizzaro, there are plenty of pizzerias in Dubai where you can mix up your next order with one of their many delicious white bases.

1. Primavera

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A classic cheesy pizza will never steer you wrong, so change it up from the Margherita and switch to the Primavera, which you can find served at Red Tomato Pizza. This white-based pizza is a creamier version of the classic and it's made with Italian mozzarella, fresh cherry tomatoes, Rocca leaves and shavings of parmesan. This pizza is the perfect option for vegetarians or for anyone who just wants to switch it up from meat every now and then. And it will definitely put white pizza on the map for you.  

2. Al Gorgonzola

Italian cheese is some of the best cheese you can eat and the Al Gorgonzola from 800 Pizza does well to showcase the best of it. This yummy treat is made with a white creamy cheese sauce along with Italian PDO, gorgonzola cheese. It's blue but it's very mild, so it isn't too overpowering with the pizza being generously topped with parmesan shavings. You can practically taste the Italian countryside as you bite into each slice and you'll surely be coming back to taste it again.

3. Morning Star Glaze

Pizza for breakfast is one of the lovely little joys in life and over at Pitfire Pizza they know how to make a good one. Sack off cold, leftover pizza from last night - these guys make their own breakfast pizzas and it's possibly the best way to start the day. Check out their Morning Star Glaze pizza, made with a creamy white base sauce, some heavenly maple glazed turkey ham, roasted potato, a sprinkling of black pepper, mozzarella and scrambled eggs. These toppings seem unconventional, but trust us they work and your taste buds will thank you for trying it out.

4. Truffle Pizza

For a gourmet pizza that just oozes with class and sophistication, go for the Truffle Pizza served by the guys at Pizzaro. This pizza is made with a tasty white base along with mushroom truffles and mozzarella cheese. It's definitely worth a try. Yes, it may be light on the toppings, but it certainly isn't light on the flavour, so make sure to put this pizza on your list - make it your mission to give it a try next time you have a hankering for some good pizza.

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