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  2. Wing it Wednesday - discover Dubai’s delicious deals on chicken wings across the city
Wing It Wednesday - Discover Dubai’s Delicious Deals on Chicken Wings Across the City

Wing it Wednesday - discover Dubai’s delicious deals on chicken wings across the city

If you've reached the middle of the working week and only the juiciest and meatiest chicken wings will do for dinner, we've got just the thing for you. Fortunately, Dubai is home to a growing number of American takeaway joints, many of which offer mouth-watering chicken wings topped with their own unique coatings and sauces.

Why not wing it this Wednesday and check out the following delicious deals on American-style wings available across the City of Gold!

1. Original Wings & Rings

These guys are really, really into their buffalo wings. Original Wings & Rings is a popular sports bar that also whips up its customers into a wing frenzy by delivering some of the finest wing combos straight to their door. On Wednesdays, you can bag yourself up to 24 free boneless wings if you order with Deliveroo, and they also do a great takeaway deal for one, with 10 traditional wings and sauces and French fries and a drink on the side for free!

2. Ting Irie

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Jamaica-influenced Ting Irie is really making a name for itself thanks to its bold and vibrant flavours. Their Ting buffalo wings very much get the thumbs-up from us, supplied with lashings of buffalo and blue cheese sauces for dipping. On a Wednesday, they also offer our customers 12 wings free when they buy their first 12 wings; you can't get fairer than that, can you?!

3. JJ Chicken

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JJ Chicken go absolutely wing-mad on Wednesdays. You can choose from a mouth-watering selection of grilled, boneless or sticky Louisiana wings with a side of fries, washed down with a soft drink of your choice. We love JJ Chicken because they commit to using hormone-free and grain-fed chickens only and their French fries are cooked only in trans-fat free oil. If you feel like a naughty midweek meal of chicken wings but want to feel somewhat healthier, these guys have got your back!

4. Claw BBQ

Take one look at the Claw BBQ menu and you'll feel like you've just walked into a Man Vs. Food TV episode! These guys really know what they are talking about when it comes to fried, grilled and slow-cooked meats and fish – some of the most talked-about dishes from around the world. Their wings are to die for and you can always wash down any spice from the coatings or sauces with one of their lovingly-crafted mocktails and flavoured American iced teas that are also available for delivery!

5. Miss Lily's

Although Miss Lily's caters to the guests at the city's Sheraton Grand Hotel, they also deliver across the City of Gold for our customers! This is another place where Caribbean infusions run deep through the heart of the menu, including their jerk-marinated, slow-cooked wings which are finished at the last-minute on the grill for a beautiful charred look and flavour. On Wing Wednesdays, you can buy six jerk wings and get another six free – well worth keeping that deal under your hat!

Don't forget, Dubai is home to an ever-growing array of cuisines and dishes from around the world, perfect for fanatical foodies. Check out Deliveroo's full list of participating takeaways delivering fresh food straight to your door. Wing it Wednesday is a deal you don't want to miss!

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