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Grubs up! 7 global breakfasts to start your day right

Seven worldly breakfasts to treat your tastebuds to

The culinary world is as diverse as it is delicious – cultures all around the globe have their own idea of breakfast, from sweet to savoury, from large to light. Here at Deliveroo we're a fan of them all and we're all about sharing the love! If there's a theme you want to try, be it Arabic, Asian or French, look no further than our list below. This write-up's got dishes from all over, with one for every day of the week.    

1. Huevos Rancheros from Taqado Mexican Kitchen  

Embrace the taste of Mexico – one soft breakfast taco at a time! These a.m. bites from Taqado Mexican Kitchen are boatloads of flavour, with every Huevos Rancheros (that's ranchers' egg to you and me) full to the brim with chili con carne. Add a fried organic egg and a splash of salsa roja in the mornings and your taste buds won't know what hit them. Think of it like a breakfast burrito, only slightly more nutritious. Exquisito.

2. A Full English Breakfast by Pantry Café  

There really is nothing quite like a fry up. If you've ever had a full English breakfast before, you know just how good this dish can be. It's an entire feast upon your table at eight in the morning, after all! At Pantry Café they go for a mix of two organic eggs made to order, beef or chicken sausages, beef bacon and mushrooms on a savoury muffin. Don't forget the beans, the sourdough toast or the fresh orange juice either! This is a heavy-duty way to start your day, and we absolutely love it.

3. The South Indian Breakfast at Chhappan Bhog

Who needs cereal when you can order up a Southern Indian Breakfast from Chhappan Bhog? Their signature breakfast special combos a dosa (a kind of Indian pancake) with fragrant sambar and chutney. Totally different, definitely tasty, an absolute must try. Treat your tum to something new!  


4. Labneh Vegetables from Enab Beirut

Ever heard of Labneh? This soft cream cheese is the product of strained yoghurt from all around the Middle East and, down in Lebanon, it's more popular than ever. Draped across crisp and colourful veg, a portion of this dairy indulgence from Enab Beirut is a gentle wake up call for taste buds and bellies alike. Crunchy yet creamy, sweet yet sour. A real winner.

5. Omelette Marseillaise from Paul Bakery and Restaurants

What continental breakfast tour would be complete without a little French on the menu? The Omelette Marseillaise from Paul Bakery and Restaurants, is an egg-based bake containing an eclectic mix of vegetables with crumbled goats cheese, and it's downright tasty from the bottom to the top as a result. The soft egg contrasts against the crunch of white onion, the tomatoes burst with juice and every forkful is a wonder to behold. Much better than boring old croissant and jam.

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6. Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter from Clinton St Baking and Restaurant

Up the sugar, up the ante. What could possibly be more American for breakfast than a stack of maple butter pancakes? These buttery discs are a melt-in-your-mouth delight and you'd be a fool to put a balanced diet before Clinton St Baking's indulgent mix any day of the week.


7. Shake Your Shuka by Roux  

We're back at it again! The Shake Your Shuka from Roux is the final dish on our whistle-stop tour, but it's by no means the least. This plate is creamy eggs to the max. It's got a cherry tomato sauce, it's got a paprika garnish, it's got a whipped dairy extravaganza of labneh and yogurt in tandem. Savoury. Sweet. Full of tang. It doesn't get better than this.  

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Not a morning person? Wake up the brain and your tum with a worldwide breakfast from Deliveroo.

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