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5 Perfect Deliveroo Dishes for kids!

5 Delicious Deliveroo Dishes for kids!

We've all been there; after an exhausting day at work you want to get home to spend time with your loved ones, but the reality is that you are met with a list of chores, hungry family, and preparations for the following day.

Deliveroo have been working with restaurants for a while now to bring you the easiest meal options that are kid friendly and easy on the wallet.

You can order these for an easy breakfast, lunch or dinner; or a great snack for school the following day.



Taqado does an amazing job at accommodating the little ones by offering kid portions of all their favorites! Mini burritos, quesadillas and churros are all on offer, perfect for yummy Mexican meal!

Arrows & Sparrows:


Arrows & Sparrows put the kids first, with meal options for breakfast lunch and dinner, with pumpkin pasta, cheesy toast and even acai bowls! Plus, every kid's order comes with a colouring book to keep them entertained!



Forget the classic chicken nuggets and chips, get the kids some authentic Japanese. Treat them to anything from mini ramens, to a mini katsu curry and even a glass of milk! Plus, get a colouring book for them thrown in for free!

The Cycle Bistro:


Get the kids on the health kick too, with The Cycle Bistro's paleo kids menu. If they fancy something, sweet pancakes with maple syrup will fill them right up!

Common Grounds:


Common Grounds is a family favourite for dine in on a Friday and Saturday morning, but why wait for the weekend? They have awesome kids options which will keep the loved ones well fed at any time of the day.

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