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  2. New Year, New You - Healthy Breakfasts at Your Desk!
New Year, New You - Healthy Breakfast at Your Desk!

New Year, New You - Healthy Breakfasts at Your Desk!

It's that time of year again! Prepare for your social feeds to fill with plenty of health advice and top tips on sticking to your get-fit New Year resolutions.

Breakfast is often claimed to be the most important meal of the day, as it provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast. More often than not, breakfast slips down your list of priorities, and before you know it, it's 3pm and you're eating the first meal of the day. Even if you're an organised early riser, with your overnight chia seeds already in the fridge, you'll still want to check out these affordable fit-food spots that  deliver straight to your desk.  

Jamba Juice


The clue is in the name. Boasting an awesome selection of healthy juices and smoothies, this place is winner if you want something light. It also has five locations across Dubai, so chances are you may be near one. From kale orange power, mango-a-go-go, to apple-ocado, the drinks will pack a punch, giving you all the nutrients you need to see you through the morning. If you're feeling like you need that something extra, then you can choose to refresh yourself with one of seven superfood smoothies, which include protein berry workout and kale-ribbean breeze. If there's any manageable way to sneak kale into your diet without having the taste, this is it.



They may be famous for dominating the Mexican food scene in the UAE by offering the No. 1 burritos in the country, but they also have a mean lean brekkie offering too. All their dishes are made using fresh ingredients and the best, unstressed Mexican avocados, which is why the avocado on toast, is our go-to. With an organic boiled egg, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, chilli flakes and avocado, on a bed of soft seeded loaf; it is an easy-peasy nutritious dish to order up.

Under 500


The name gives you a good inkling as to how health conscious this place is. With a broad selection of wholesome meals, all under 500 calories, you can expect a balanced meal jam-packed with feel-good nutrients. Whether you're veggie, vegan, after high-protein, or low-carb, this place has you covered. Its egg quinoa tabbouleh is a great way to get your day started. Made up of three shredded boiled eggs, organic quinoa, cucumber, diced tomatoes, olives, chia seeds, mushrooms, capsicum and drizzled with lemon, it's bound to have you feeling fighting-fit. Add a Beat Blast juice, with beetroot, apple, carrot, blueberry and mint, and you'll be detoxed in no time.

Circle Café


Have you ever considered having a salad for breakfast? No? Okay, well this place does offer up amazing big breakfasts anyway, but for those feeling open-minded, we wholeheartedly recommend you opt for the super bowl. Filled with cucumber, spinach, cajun bagel chips, beetroot hummus, edamame, quinoa, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, fresh lime and honey soya dressing, it really is a powerfully nutritious start to the day. Plus, it's said that those starting their day with greens may experience fewer food cravings during the day. Great, we can finally resist the office snacks...maybe.

Arrows & Sparrows Café


An absolute favourite that keeps us coming back for more. Our top picks naturally include a gorgeous açai bowl, as well as the sought-after breakfast with colours. The former consisting of nutty granola, dried fruits, banana, berries, chia seeds and a dollop of peanut butter. The latter is a glorious combination of perfectly poached eggs, quinoa, smashed green peas, dried berries, beetroot labneh and grilled halloumi, served on multigrain toast. Whatever you decide to get from here, you're almost guaranteed to re-order it again and again.

Pantry Café


Another of our favourites, which offers flavorful fit-food (amongst some naughtiness too) from across the world. The breakfast options here are pretty broad, so because we simply can't choose, we have two recommendations for you! The seriously super cereal bowl is up first, with its flax seeds, fresh fruits, Valrhona dark chocolate and dates, sitting pretty on overnight soaked chia porridge made with coconut milk, avocado and home-made nut butter. It's a definite sweet start to the day. If that doesn't do it for you, then masala omelette surely will. Egg whites, tomatoes, onion, aged cheddar, herbs and green chillies, all combine beautifully on top of fresh sourdough bread - with some house salad on the side. There's a bunch of additional breakfast sides you can add on too if you're especially hungry.



If you're looking for an overhaul of your life, or you want to maintain your already-balanced diet, Nourish is the place the make that happen. The menu is brimming with healthy, tasty food, with no hidden nasties and offers a range of deliciousness to keep us going through all three meals of the day. For breakfast, it has to be the homemade granola; complete with nutritious nuts and seeds, oat flakes, apricot, cranberries, roasted honey vanilla yoghurt and macerated mixed berries. We truly savour every single, crunchy bite! If we're feeling fancy and want to spend a little more, the teriyaki beef brisket bowl is a firm second runner; with cucumber, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, boiled potatoe with zaatar, cashew mayo and a soft-boiled egg. Yum! Add to one of these, a herbal infusion tea or smoothie, and you're good to go. Strapple (which is strawberry and apple) is our most beloved smoothie - and yes, that is because of the name.

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