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Affordable lunch made easy with Editions Lunchbox

Affordable lunch made easy

Life is speeding up and with it our daily routines we want to cram in as much as we can and be as productive as possible, but at what cost? When it comes to packing a lunch for work, there simply isn't always time. And it is not always possible to get a tasty, healthy lunch without it costing a fortune.

With Deliveroo's Lunchbox Editions , you can now order lunch that is only AED 25 and includes no delivery fees. These are not tiny portions or horrible options. In fact, the options available are full of flavour, delicious and will definitely put a smile on your face.



Fraiche offer both a Western and Asian option for their lunch boxes. Their Pok Pok chicken is seasoned to perfection and is served with a hearty Asian salad. They also offer an 80g marinated steak and is served with a crunchy Asian coleslaw. Chicken, steak, veggies, all for only AED 25? This is just pure bliss.

Dip Street


Chomp on Roast beef or Jerk chicken and melted cheese on sourdough bread, accompanied by a beef Au Jus dip and a healthy serving of fries. This is comfort food at its best and is ideal for those stressful days where everything just seems to go wrong.

Hippy Deli


Don't forget the vegan option. Hippy Deli offers a creamy chickpea curry deliciousness that is super healthy and served with rice. You can enjoy a wholesome meal and get your protein and fibre fix for the day.



Gush over Barsalata's extensive range of tasty rainbow boxes. With ingredients that remind you of all of the colours of the rainbow, choose between a pesto, red pepper hummus, beetroot labneh or a sweet potato rainbow box. Each option has its own unique twist and all are served on toasted sourdough bread accompanied by cheese and fresh veggies.

Don't neglect your appetite and treat yourself to an amazing lunch this week without the stress of what it will do to your bank account.    

Don't forget to share your experience on Instagram and Facebook and use #DeliverooAE for a chance to win AED500 every month. Bon Appetit from us at Deliveroo!

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