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  2. Upcoming foodie trends for 2020
Upcoming foodie trends for 2020

Upcoming foodie trends for 2020

The food experts at Deliveroo have been using trends, insights and data to predict what's going to take off in the restaurant world in 2020. If this is tickling your taste buds, keep scrolling to see what's on the menu for 2020.


Deliveroo data shows that a large group of customers are more frequently opting-in for a part-time vegan diet, with around half of their food consumption being meat and the other half is plant-based - it's all about balance.  

On Fire:

One of the oldest and most primitive methods of cooking, and it's making a huge come back. The 'char' flavour has been trending for the past few months, with its smokiness and woody depth heightening the natural taste of the ingredients it coats.  

Street food for everyone:

Street food is consumed by 2.5 billion people each day worldwide. The most popular street food cuisines are Indian, Thai and Greek. In November 2018, Saturday was the day of street food when it came to food delivery, but now Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes are also peak.

The new salad:

Data at Deliveroo suggests that customers are serious about salad. It's getting bigger. With the greatest respect shared with the cobbs, greens and sides that grace our daily menus, 2020 is expected to popularize a new wave of creative salads that are more than leaves.

As per UK based chef, Jess Tathem, the top five ingredients that are expected to be seen in salads for 2020 are:

  • Ferments - such as Lacto fermented sauces and miso - to add depth of flavour.
  • Unusual grains such as teff, freekeh to replace the ubiquitous quinoa.
  • Unusual nut butters in dressings and dips, like sunflower seed.
  • Underused produce like swede - which tastes amazing shaved raw, and seaweed such as dulse.
  • Dehydrated vegetables that add texture.

Fresh pasta

There's a huge consumer demand for restaurant-cooked pasta, both dining in and through food delivery. Searches for fresh pasta on Deliveroo have increased by 68% in the past 3 months, and the company sees that number steadily rising throughout 2020.


2020 will bring more twists and surprises in the art of cooking next year. Theatrical elements have been steadily on the rise over the past few years, in an attempt to add that memorable WOW factor to every bite. From unusual ingredients to digital experiences, consumers can expect to see some more theatre with their delivered dishes in 2020.

So start your new year with a bang, with some exciting foodie options that are an absolute must-try for 2020!

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