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  2. From Palak Paneer to Rara Gosht, Arabian Flavours and Spices are in.
From Palak Paneer to Rara Gosht, Arabian Flavours and Spices are in

From Palak Paneer to Rara Gosht, Arabian Flavours and Spices are in.

Arabian cuisine features some of the most striking, aromatic and vibrant flavours on the planet, which is why the delightful dishes from this region are loved all over the world. Some of the food on offer include ingredients that aren't found in in the gastronomic fare of any other culture, which is what makes them so unique and interesting.

In this guide, we're explaining some of the dishes that perfectly illustrate the awesome flavours on offer in Arabian cooking. And of course, all of the meals are available to order from Deliveroo.

1.Palak Paneer

Kake Da Naan, Paneer Peshawari & Soya nutree gravy. Where : Oye Kake @oyekake (one of the best place for Punjabi cuisine) . Locations : Kamala Mills Lower Parel . Price : Kake Da Naan ₹130 Paneer Peshawari ₹299 Soya Nutree ₹269 . 3Foodiots Restaurant Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐½ (4.5/5) For a full review of Oye Kake and our other Vegetarian Food and Restaurant Reviews & Recommendations please visit www.zomato.com/3Foodiots For more updates about Mumbai and Dubai Restaurants and places to get great vegetarian food follow us on 👻 armaanrox99 . FB/ Twitter /Flickr / Pininterest 3foodiots . #3foodiots #foodpic #nutree #food #oyekake #instagram #foodie #fun #foodphotography #explorer #paneer #nomnom #dressings #instafood #bloggers #zomato #yum #love #instaclick #3ftravels #soya #mumbai #vegetarian #new #masala #spices #mumbai #foodie #india

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Palak Paneer is a mouth-watering spinach-based curry which is infused with soft cottage cheese cubes. The spinach is blanched, and this gives the whole dish a lovely green colour, so that you can enjoy it visually too. Some of the most striking flavours involved in making this curry are turmeric, cumin seeds, and kasuri methi leaves which are added towards the end just before the cream. This smooth and healthy curry is bursting with flavour, and is an absolute must-try for veggies and meat-eaters alike.

2.Butter Chicken

Butter chicken has become one of the most popular dishes all over the world, possibly because its mild but bold flavours are well-suited to nearly any palate. This medium curry is one of the creamiest in the world, and that is down to the generous amount of butter and cream used in the cooking process. Some of the more striking flavours in the dish come from the cumin, garam masala, grated ginger, and fresh coriander. It is ideal for wrapping in a naan and devouring with your hands.  

3.Rara Gosht

This is similar to the classic biryani, in that it features a perfect blend of aromatics, herbs, and spices which combine to pack an awesome punch. It is a curry made with mutton, and requires a slow cooking process to break the meat down and make it nice and tender. Anyone who eats this dish will notice the strong taste of nutmeg and mace blade which work amazingly alongside the turmeric and cumin. Made in a pressure cooker, this curry develops over time until it just overwhelms you with flavour. It simply is a must-try dish.

4.Methi Mutter Malai

Methi,Matar,Malai =M3...😜😜 Fenugreek-Peas Curry... A very mild, flavoured curry .The flavour of Methi is very subtle and the sweetness from the malai/ fresh cream and the mild spiciness from the grounded spices , it's a beautiful combination...😍😍 Serve it with naan ,tandoori roti or lachaa paratha .. Recipe : Chop Methi leaves and soak it in water with little salt for 15 min. Squeeze out the Methi leaves and keep aside . 🌿 Grind onion,clove,cinnamon, cardamom,cashew ,ginger ,garlic and green chilli . 🌿 Boil peas and keep aside 🌿 Take a pan add ghee ( I prefer ghee ) add the grounded paste ,cook on slow, flame ,stirring inbetween (being careful that it does not stick to the pan ) till it starts leaving the ghee ,that means it's cooked and the raw smell is gone . 🌿 Add Methi leave and the peas and saute for about 3 to 4 minutes . 🌿 Add milk according to the consistency of the gravy you want ,should not be too thin or thick .Just the right consistency. 🌿 Now add salt ,sugar and little garam masala and cook for about 7 to 8 min,keep stirring inbetween so that it does not stick to the pan . 🌿 Add fresh cream and cook for another min ,do a taste test .Finish it with a sprinkling of crushed Kasuri Methi . 🌿 Enjoy with bread of your choice ..😋😋😍😍 🌿 #igers #yummi #foodphotos #heresmyfood #webstagram #instafoodie #instacook #igdaily #foodstagram #foodporn #foodgasm #foodgawker #foodforthought #picoftheday #like4likes #happiness #amazing #curry #eatcleanstaylean #cleaneats #healthyfood #f52 #foodforthought #trynewthings #kidslove #foodgasmic #soulfood #yuminmytum #tastingtable #lifeandthyme @priyakitchenette @desi_tadkaa @_betterbutter @yahoofood @betterhomesandgardensindia @thefeedfeed @desi_dairies @magicpinbangalore @gloobyfood @ndtvfood

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Methi Mutter Malai is another fantastic option for vegetarians. It is renowned for being creamy, smooth, and healthy thanks to the inclusion of methi (also known as fenugreek) and peas. It is made by boiling the peas down and making a paste, and then adding powerful ingredients such as green chillies, cumin seeds, and ginger. This is another dish, like the Palak Paneer, which can easily be enjoyed by meat-eaters as well as vegetarians.

The common theme with all of these extraordinary dishes is the use of strong and flavourful herbs and spices like cumin, turmeric, ginger, and green chillies.

So if you're hankering for some mouth-watering delights that are absolutely bursting with flavour, order one of these meals from Deliveroo today.

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