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4 Best Veggie Burgers In Dubai

Ditching the meat: 4 of Dubai’s best veggie burgers

Healthy eating came around in a big way last year, bringing with it a rise of meat-free goodies. Whether you're a flexitarian, die-hard vegetarian or just feel like mixing it up a bit, veggie burgers have been making waves. Here are some of our favourite places in Dubai to grab a burger that hits the spot every time.

1. Billy the Kid, Gourmet Burger Kitchen

With a name like that, you might be expecting a patty made of goat meat. But GBK know how to cater to the vegetarian crowd, and offer a range of inventive meat-free creations. Billy the Kid layers up on unconventional ingredients – a breaded goats' cheese patty, stacked with grilled eggplant, rocket, pesto and harissa mayonnaise, finished off with vinegary pickled onions.

Where: Gourmet Burger Kitchen, locations in Mirdif, DIFC and Marina Mall

2. Veggie Burger, Right Bite

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Right Bite serve up everything they make with a side of feel-good vibes, creating nutritious versions of traditional dishes. Their Veggie Burger is made of mixed diced vegetables, topped with low-fat cheese, lettuce and a thick slice of beef tomato. The bun is their own whole wheat and oat blend, and even the crispy chips on the side have a taste of virtuousness about them.

Where: Right Bite, Al Quoz 1

3. Bean burger, Fraiche

Keeping things traditional, Fraiche serve up a classic bean patty for their vegetarian-friendly burger-take. But they've spiced it up a bit by adding sundried tomatoes into the mix for extra savoury-sweet flavour. This bean-tomato patty is met with a honey mustard vinaigrette, and served up on brioche. Get it with salad for an extra health points, or even Canadian-style poutine if you're up for some cheese and gravy.

Where: Fraiche, JLT

4. Baja Veggie, Big Smoke Burgers

Get a bit of a Mexican twist on your veggie burger. Big Smoke Burgers love adding the little details to their food, like their rosemary-garlic or cilantro-feta mayonnaise. Their Baja Veggie burger packs a house-made grilled veggie patty in with lettuce, spicy chipotle mayonnaise, avocado, and pico de gallo salsa for extra vibrancy points.

Where: Big Smoke Burgers, Al Wasl

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