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Green foods to inspire you to save the planet

Green foods to inspire you to save the planet

Taking care of the environment is extremely important. Reducing pollution, recycling, substituting plastic for more environmentally-friendly materials, not using plastic cutlery with your food, etc., are all vital in keeping the earth clean and happy. In the spirit of going green, here are some yummy 'green' dishes to try this week, that are rich in antioxidants and fab for your immune system.

So Green - Keep it Clean pressed juice

Wild & the Moon offers some refreshing juices that are all cold pressed, protecting the delicate enzymes and vitality of the fruits & veggies. Try the tasty So-Green juice that contains fennel, parsley, cucumber, lemon, a mixture of herbs, and wild greens. Talk about some antioxidant goodness.

Urth Summer Rolls

Indulge in a refreshing and flavoursome summer roll from Urth by Nabz&G, consisting out of traditional rice paper wraps filled with seasonal vegetables, coriander, parsley, served with a sweet and salty peanut sauce, perfect for hot summer days.

Chicken Mex salad

The Salad Jar offers fantastic salads that are super healthy and taste dreamy. Chomp on their Chicken Mex salad, that is 100% gluten-free and contains a decent helping of lime-marinated chicken, black and white beans, red peppers, tomato, red onion, red chilli peppers, corn, cilantro and creamy avocado. And don't forget the fresh cilantro and olive oil dressing (with a kick) that goes on top.

Pasta and rocket salad

Baker & Spice offer yummy salads, including their pasta and rocket salad with homemade fresh basil or rocket pesto pine nuts and Grana Padana. The rich basil flavours accompanied by fresh homemade pasta are drool-worthy and will have you coming back for more... and more.

Apple Spice Mojito

Stay refreshed and hydrated with a lovely apple spice mojito mocktail from Verdura. With fresh mint, lime and green apples, you are sure to get a big helping of antioxidants and vitamin C.

With so many delicious choices, eating green foods will become a weekly/daily occurrence. Don't forget to share your experience on Instagram and Facebook and use @deliveroo_ae for a chance to win AED500 every month. Bon Appetit!

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