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  2. Eat well and feel swell with fantastic dishes from Richy’s
Eat well and feel swell with fantastic dishes from Richy’s

Eat well and feel swell with fantastic dishes from Richy’s

Downtown Dubai has recently welcomed another deliveroo super kitchen with a variety of fabulous restaurants that are only a few clicks away. One of these fantastic restaurants includes Richy's. If you are crazy about fresh salads and drool-worthy fit-food, you will want to keep reading.

Exotic crab salad


Sink your teeth into a wide variety of fresh ingredients and flavours such as mango, peppers, strawberry, cilantro, grilled scallions, onions, mint, peanuts, crab cakes, arugula, iceberg and coconut flakes. Don't forget about the fab pineapple vinaigrette that goes on top. Yummy.

Ruthless wasabi salad


If you are feeling cheeky, taste this spicy, but absolutely delicious, salad. With fantastic ingredients such as market greens, glass noodles, carrots, enoki, peppers, snap peas, green onions, you will not be disappointed. But the absolute winner of this salad is the wasabi cream that goes with it.

Bold beetroot salad

Treat your taste buds to a flavoursome beetroot salad, consisting out of spinach, purple beets, golden beets, carrots, edamame, pears, goat's cheese, walnuts, and mint. Topped with a sweet and salty beetroot vinaigrette. What an excellent way to get your fibre intake, as well as the many vitamins and minerals that go with it.

These are unmissable dishes to add to your week. Whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed. Remember to share your experience on Instagram and Facebook and use @deliveroo_ae for a chance to win AED500 every month. Bon Appetit from us at Deliveroo!

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