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Food to keep you hydrated this summer

Food to keep you hydrated this summer

Who says you can't have your water — and eat it, too? While it's true that drinking water is the best-known way to stay hydrated, there are plenty of alternative options, especially if you get tired of just drinking water all day long. We have gathered a few water-rich food options that you can try to stay hydrated this summer.


This fruit is made up of 92 percent water which is a wonderful way to get hydrated. And do not forget about the calcium, salt and magnesium levels in watermelon that is ideal for rehydration. Spoil yourself this summer with a crispy duck, watermelon & cashew salad with Hoisin sauce from Fumé. This salad is ripe with freshness and taste, and a wonderful meal option for a hot day outside.


Cucumbers are number one when it comes to foods that have a high percentage of water. Composed out of 96% water, with no fat or cholesterol, you can eat a lot of them. Eat Greek offer an amazing Eat Greek salad that is chock full of cucumbers (not to mention the olives, tomatoes, feta, onions) or try some of their Tzatziki, that is super fresh and flavoursome.

Strawberries and Raspberries:

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Strawberries and raspberries are high in fibre and vitamin C, not to mention their high water composition which is all ideal for staying hydrated and healthy. You can have them in salads, smoothies or as is. Or indulge in pink raspberry macaroons from Gossip Cafѐ and desserts. They are super creamy and delicious and almost look too pretty to eat.

Coconut water:

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There is a reason that people are crazy about this drink. It is a healthy, unsweetened beverage that is high in potassium and low in carbohydrates. It is very refreshing, but it is not recommended after a vigorous workout seeing as it is low in sodium but it will still keep you hydrated. Try some of Cali-Poke's whole Cali-Coconuts. They are super delicious and are served straight from the coconuts.

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