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  2. Dubai's food revolution: These quirky food trucks are changing the way we eat
Dubai's Food Revolution: The Quirky Food Trucks Changing How We Eat  

Dubai's food revolution: These quirky food trucks are changing the way we eat

Let's face it, Dubai is warm, and the mall is air-conditioned. However, if you fancy stepping foot outside for food, you're likely to run into Dubai's food truck revolution. Dedicated "truck parks" have been popping up over the last few years allowing customers to browse Dubai's most diverse and unusual offerings.  However, in true Emirates style, most food trucks allow customers to drive up to their stall to order and buy their food.

The trucks are often cool and quirky, and the vendors really go to town on decoration, ensuring that each one is flashier or quirkier than the next. Thanks to social media, trucks are serving some of the most interesting choices for dinner or dessert on the go. Dubai's cultural melting pot ensures that these food trucks can be some of the most diverse and delicious options when you're feeling hungry on the move. 

Moti Roti 

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If you ever avoid curries because you're health conscious and are worried about excess cream and oils, then Moti Roti is your saving grace. They aim to make healthy curries by cutting out excess oils to make them simple and delicious, and they're all served inside a soft roti. Think of it like a Pakistani burrito. And because you haven't had a naughty curry, the side of seasoned Masala Fries won't hurt, will it?

Burger Pit

It might look like a truck, but that's because it's a truck. Don't be fooled by Burger Pit's aesthetic, inside the giant mass of metal is an incredible food coma waiting to happen. Selling burgers exclusively (how did you guess?), thick cut and served in a brioche bun and sides, (try the loaded fries), Burger Pit is an All-American experience that is best enjoyed washed down with a root beer and a nap for dessert. 

Clinton St. Baking Company 

Hailing from New York City, Clinton Street Baking Company might have a restaurant out there, but they're also serving a more compact menu from their cherry red truck. If you visit the store, you can find a diverse menu, with eggs Benedict, shakes, salads and burgers to satisfy all cravings. Their food truck, on the other hand, takes influence directly from traditional American cooking. Here, you can sample fried chicken and waffles, their signature Clinton St. Burgers, served with caramelised onions and swiss cheese. We're really excited to see what they do next. 

Urban Seafood

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If you want something indicative of Dubai street food fayre, take something which is usually seen as indulgent and make it easy and accessible to eat. Urban Seafood did this with their grilled cheese, which is packed with fresh lobster. Served alongside their legendary seafood platter, it's indulgence at its messiest. Make sure you've got a stack of napkins in the car!

As food trucks grow ever popular in Dubai, we're sure that the list will grow, and trucks and their food will get even more ambitious. Have you ordered any food trucks with Deliveroo?

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