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Humans of Deliveroo: Alex

Humans of Deliveroo: Alex

Welcome to Deliveroo HQ. Not just a hub of food tasting and deliveries but a hive of interesting employees, all with their own unique backstories! Today, instead of perusing menu items, we're giving you a chance to get to know the Roo Crew. Welcome to 'Humans of Deliveroo'.

Meet Alex, our Rider Operations Manager. Alex is a long distance runner and skydiving aficionado who's been living in Dubai for the past 3 ½  years. Originally from Hereford in England, Alex decided to hang his hat in Dubai after years of travelling around the UK.

So Alex, what do you like the most about living in Dubai?

The weather. Can I say that? Nobody says that! Not the Summer weather! But the Winter weather's nice. I love being able to do lots of different sporting activities here too. Also the food is pretty good. It's really eclectic.

So was it the weather than convinced you to live here?

It wasn't just the weather! I actually went travelling for a year and this was my last stop. I had friends that lived here who were also from the UK. I'd just left the military at the time and I was looking for something to move on to. I thought it was great, a cool city and an interesting place to be. That's what convinced me really.

You'd just left the military at the time? So was that your last job before starting at Deliveroo?

Well I came over here to work on a Military contract. I was a civilian but it was military style work. And then after that I was working for a startup in AstroLabs which is where Deliveroo was also based. Eventually I transitioned over to Deliveroo. It's actually my one year anniversary at Deliveroo today!

Congratulations! So when you're not at work, what do you like doing?

So I love to compose music, write music and play the guitar when I get the chance. Other than that I also like to run in the Wadis, like long distances. 30 to 40 kilometres at a time. I enjoy that - to get out into nature and escape the city.

Ok, those are some pretty long distances! What drives you to do that?

Being by myself, it's like meditation for me, actually. I like to be in nature and to be alone with my thoughts when I'm running. It's kind of being mindful and mindless at the same time. Sometimes I'm thinking about things and digesting them but when I'm really having fun, I'm completely mindless.


I hear you're also into skydiving, can you tell us about that?

Yeah, I was actually a skydiving instructor in the military for about 6 years which was pretty cool. I taught students how to do static line parachuting and then how to get to levels where they could skydive by themselves. I don't do it anymore as a hobby but it was a super-cool outlet. Very exciting and very adventurous. I managed to do 1000 plus skydives and I also taught in Germany, Spain, America, all sorts of things. That was very cool.


So after all those activities, you must be pretty tired! So let's say you were going to stay in, watch a film and order Deliveroo. What film and restaurant would you recommend?

I would order from BookMunch for sure. What film would I watch? Um, Dead Poet's Society. It's a really inspirational film.

It's a great film. So, if you could invite any 3 celebrities, alive or dead, to a Dinner party - who would you invite?

Who would I invite? I have to think about that!

If it's easier, you don't have to do celebrities, you can do family members.

Ok then, my Mother, my Father and my Wife. Very simple.

Great. Ok, so lastly we just have some quick-fire questions. So…

Indian or Chinese food? Indian.

Night in or night out? Night in.

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Both.

Pineapple on pizza, yes or no? Yes.

Spicy food or mild food? Spicy.

Describe the Deliveroo Office in one word. Diverse!

That's everything! Thanks for your time Alex!

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