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7[d] I[e]rresistible[f] Instagrammable Dishes

7 Irresistible Instagrammable Dishes

From unicorn-rainbow-mermaid frappuccinos, to cheese-oozing, insanely tall burgers giving the Burj Khalifa a run for its money, food trends have increasingly become shaped almost entirely on aesthetic and quirkiness.

It is near impossible to ignore the food-filled feed of Instagram; motivating us to tuck into that #CleanEating acai bowl, whilst also encouraging us to devour that #FoodPorn triple layer cheesecake 🤤.

Even if you haven't queued in a long line for a cronut or sushi doughnut, you may have found yourself searching for the perfect lighting and hashtags to post about your scrumptious meal (top tip - always get the window seat for natural light...).

So if you're searching for some good for the gram spots, then look no further. We have selected some of our photogenic faves that can all be delivered directly to you with love, by us. Happy snapping!

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Karak House:

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Arrows & Sparrows:

Magnolia Bakery:

The Sum of Us:

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Wild & The Moon:

Rose Bowl:

A post shared by Rose Bowl (@loverosebowl) on

A softer way in would be: 'We've way to jazz up...'

could have been a bit more playful ie. 'picture-perfect'

no need for '!'

Number written out in full

no need to capitalise each word

not an everyday word - would have picked a more natural, foodie adjective.


en dash to create more flow i.e tall burgers – giving the...

lovely insight

use an en dash to create more of a flow i.e money – food trends...

quite a formal sentence. Could just say: food trends are getting quirkier and quirkier.


en dash


dive into that

no emojis in blog I'm afraid

lovely insight - very relatable

not an everyday word

would change to 'go for' - it's softer than get.




favourite is a bit more grown-up


Not needed. 'Love from us' is nice.

makes me smile. Shows we're obsessed with food (our brand personality).

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