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Deliveroo Rider tipping

Deliveroo Rider tipping

Deliveroo riders are at the heart of our business, collecting food from our restaurant and grocery partners and delivering it straight to your door. They are essential to ensuring that we deliver great food to customers, on-time and in good condition.

Deliveroo riders are the lifeline of the business and we are dedicated to ensuring their wellbeing through initiatives that improve their safety, dignity, and quality of life.

Since launch in 2015, riders receive 100% of tips from orders, which is not factored into their salaries. Tips are a 'bonus' and are treated as such.

  • The riding tipping feature is a great way for customers to recognise the dedication and efforts riders put into their work every day.
  • Since the start of the pandemic, riders have provided an essential front-line service delivering food to UAE doors. In 2020 versus 2019, Deliveroo has observed a huge 97% increase in the numbers of customers leaving rider tips at the pre-order stage on the platform, marking a notable shift in tipping behaviour amongst UAE wanting to thank riders for their service since the start of COVID-19.  

To further support riders, Deliveroo has introduced a number of schemes in the past year that include:


- Water distribution Each of our four Editions sites across Dubai is equipped with water dispensers that are specially for our riders. Last year, Deliveroo managed to distribute over 60,000 bottles of chilled water to our rider fleet during the summer, and we are running the same initiative this year.

- Deliveroo Hero Rider Thank you Campaign, an ongoing initiative, which was launched in 2020 as a way to say thank you to riders who kept the city moving and fed during the pandemic. Restaurant partners have included Pickl, Pret a Manger, Bowlful, House of Pops & Krispy Kreme.

- Earlier this year we launched our Rider Thank you bonus fund. Highest performing riders in all markets (including UAE) were rewarded with £10,000 (AED 50,000 in the UAE).

- Partnerships with +12 gents salons currently in the UAE, so our riders can stay looking fresh and groomed to take on the day


- Gap insurance - we provide additional insurance to complement standard riders insurance this means extra protection and medical fees coverage in case of any accidents.

-  Time off - Riders are given a mandatory one day off per week and a 10 hrs rest time between consecutive days they also have minimum of 1 hour break time per day but can take as many as they like

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