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Riders during the summer months

Riders during the summer months

Rider safety and wellbeing is a top priority for Deliveroo and we have been working and continue to work with our rider agencies on great ways to support riders especially over the summer season:

  • Rider Kits: We have invested in cooling vests that lower body temperature by up to 15 degrees celsius, plus, they are 100% reusable. Our uniforms are highly breathable and made from 100% polyester with UV blocking and wicking capabilities designed for UAE weather conditions.
  • Water distribution: From all our Deliveroo Editions sites across Dubai, we distribute water to riders daily. Last year, Deliveroo managed to distribute over 60,000 bottles of chilled water to our rider fleet during the summer, and we are running the same initiative this year.

We are partnering up with restaurants, as well as some malls across the UAE to provide cold water while the riders wait to pick up orders and resting spaces for shade. 

  • Breaks: Deliveroo riders have a minimum of 1 hour break time (up to 4) to ensure proper rest during the day, a minimum of 10 hours rest time to ensure proper rest between consecutive days, and 1 day off per week.
  • Partner collaboration: We constantly work with our restaurant partners to ensure that our riders are treated with the utmost respect and courtesy, and appeal to them to provide extra care during the summer.
  • Rider communications: We supply our riders with a guide on how to stay hydrated in the summer sun and encourage customers to also offer riders a bottle of water if possible upon delivery.

Stay tuned for more updates and initiatives coming soon.

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