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Eat like a superhero in Dubai

Eat like a superhero

Everyone knows that superheroes are amazing. They are unique, strong, smart, fast, the list goes on. As children, even now, we admire them and look up to them but they seem to be unattainable. You see them in movies doing wonderful things and you wonder how you can be like that too.

But when it comes to food, superheroes are just like us. Between crime fighting and being awesome, they still take the time to eat their favourite foods. We all have  a special space in our stomach for that one favourite dish from our favourite restaurant. You absolutely have to have it at least once a week and when you take that first bite, you are immediately transported to your happy place. It can be anything from pure culinary bliss to a wonderful memory of your mom's cooking that makes you feel right at home.

Here are a few superheroes and their favourite foods and where you can find these dishes in the UAE.

Black Panther: Rib-eye Steak from Butcha Steakhouse

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When Black Panther isn't fighting Doctor Doom or Mephisto, he is taking the time to enjoy a delicious, tender rib-eye steak and we have found the perfect place to do just that. Butcha Steakhouse offers a variety of delicious steaks and meats with prime cuts that are perfectly grilled to your liking. The quality is amazing and the flavour even better.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pizza from Rossovivo

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Feel the turtle power when you have a perfect pizza from Rossovivo. Try Rossovivo's Capricciousa pizza or Diavola pizza, which are two of the top picks at this restaurant. But whatever you choose, Leonardo, Mickey, Donatello and Raphael will definitely approve.

Thor: Fried chicken from Hen House

When Thor is off fighting for peace in the Universe, all that he can think of is some Southern fried chicken goodness. If he were ever to come to Dubai, Hen House would be his first stop. A six-piece mixed chicken plate is first on the menu followed by some fried chicken tenders. These crispy pieces will have you going back for more, and more, and more…

Catwoman: Creamy Milk cake from Karak House

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Try the new and fresh Milk Cakes exclusively on Deliveroo. They taste just as good as they look and are every bit as creamy. Catwoman has a weakness for all things pretty, and these milk cakes from Karak House are definitely at the top of her list.

Wonder woman: Jumbo Prawns Sagnaki from Eat Greek

This Amazonian superhero has a big soft spot for Greek food, especially seafood. With her strong Greek roots, she rarely eats any food that isn't Greek. Jumbo Prawns Sagnaki from Eat Greek is top-class. It is flavoursome, rich and an absolute must. No wonder Diana likes it so much.

So this year when you go to Comic-Con you can not only dress like a superhero but you can eat like one as well. Don't forget to share your experience on Instagram and Facebook and use #DeliverooAE for a chance to win AED 500 every month. Bon Appetit!

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