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5 Foods to Fix Things

5 Foods to Fix Things

You are what you eat! That's what they say right?! Does that make us into burgers and ice cream...hmm maybe!

BUT we have decided to change our ways (for maybe one or two days of the week) and eat food to FIX THINGS. What things, you ask? Oh, loads of stuff. One of the most powerful tools to combat common issues comes not from the pharmacy, but from your food.

We have investigated the science of food and identified the best meals to solve any daily woes you may have. Always tired? Get ready to feel perkier! Grey hair? Ditch the hair dye, you might not need it anymore. Here's our round up...

1. Grey hair?

If you're not ready to embrace the silver fox look, then we've good news for you. Scientists have said that high levels of zinc are necessary for keeping colour in your hair; this means including zinc-rich foods in your diet like shellfish, seeds and cheese could, in fact, prevent those greys.

What you need: prawn pad thai from Fuchsia


2. Feeling sad?

Whilst highly-processed chocolate isn't great for you, raw cacao can be! Not only does it have high levels of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, BUT it also contains the compound phenethylamine, which triggers the release of endorphins and mood-enhancing neurochemicals in the brain. A true superfood.

What you need: raw chocolate brownie from Rawdium


3. Tired all the time?

Back away from that fourth cup of coffee! Iron-rich foods can prevent fatigue. It is a vital nutrient, crucial for creating haemoglobin, which enables red blood cells to transport oxygen around the body. If you don't have enough iron, your body has to work much harder, which can leave you feeling incredibly tired. Let whole grains and steak become your best friends.

What you need: the bodybuilder bowl from Heat CafeDeliveroo

4. Can't remember what you ate yesterday?

Maybe you would eat salad more if you knew it could help you keep your precious memories OR even help you remember that thing your boss wanted doing urgently. Research has found that adding a daily dose of green, leafy veggies to your diet can help foster your brain health and boost memory retention. Pass us the broccoli.

What you need: warm chicken bowl from Barsalata


5. Bloated?

You're gassy and bloated - it's awkward in the office. Have some pineapple! Boasting a mild diuretic effect and packed with fibre, this juicy and delicious fruit has been proven to keep the belly-bloat down. Phew.

What you need: instant recovery juice from Wild & The Moon


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