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  2. The year of the cauliflower: 5 Dubai dishes showing off 2017’s top superfood
Dubai Dishes With Cauliflower Top Superfood

The year of the cauliflower: 5 Dubai dishes showing off 2017’s top superfood

Move over kale, and beat it beetroot – 2017's superfood of choice is the humble cauliflower. A versatile vegetable, it's long been popular in curries and spiced dishes, but now it's fast becoming the star of the show.

Restaurants in Dubai have been getting in on the act, so here are five of the best ways to start enjoying it – meat and meat-free fans alike.

1. Makali Cauliflower sandwich, Filfu

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Cauliflower turns up a lot in typical Lebanese cuisine, and Filful offer it up two ways – on its own as a fried cauliflower sandwich, or as a hot mezze dish along with eggplant, zucchini and potato. We love the Makali sandwich, dressed with the tahini-based tarator sauce for a creamy contrast. And the good news doesn't stop there, get 77 percent of your daily Vitamin C intake with this wrap, alongside some vital vitamin K and dietary fibre.

Where: Filful, Al Wasl

2. Chicken satay skewers with coconut cauliflower rice, Smith St Paleo

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Paleo focuses on only using natural, unprocessed ingredients – and staying away from grains, dairy and refined sugars. This dish from Smith St Paleo is a spicy chicken curry, and uses cauliflower in place of rice. The nutty satay sauce goes great with the coconut flavour of the minced cauliflower, creating a healthy dish full of super nutrients.

Where: Smith St Paleo, Al Quoz 1

3. Cauliflower risotto, The Sum Of Us

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What could be more comforting than a creamy risotto? This rice dish is a take on traditional curried cauliflower, thanks to the curry essence thrown into the mix. It's topped with pine nuts, dried raisins, and shavings of Grana Padano cheese. The cauliflower is roasted, giving it a crispy crust that adds bite to the smooth rice.

Where: The Sum Of Us, Sheikh Zayed Road

4. Raw Cauliflower Couscous Salad, The Lime Tree Café 

Vegetarian food doesn't need to be boring. The Lime Tree Café uses cauliflower like couscous in this imaginative raw salad. The natural, slightly bitter taste of cauliflower is paired with sweet cranberries and walnuts that pack a punch. It's all finished off with an olive oil and citrus vinaigrette, so there's plenty of antioxidants – and flavour – in this dish.

Where: The Lime Tree Café, four locations

5. Cocoflower soup, Wild & The Moon

If you're after simple soul food, soup is the way to go. Wild & The Moon go for a mix of cauliflower and coconut milk to make their soup smooth and creamy and packed with good stuff. Onion adds extra depth of flavour and ginger provides a little rounded heat, while the pine nuts provide a nibbly finish.

Where: Wild & The Moon, Al Quoz 1

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