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  2. Refer a company and get a voucher,
Refer a company and get a voucher

Refer a company and get a voucher,

  1. This referral offer (the Referral Offer) is made by Deliveroo DMCC ("Deliveroo for Business") open to residents of the UAE aged 18 or over.
  1. To participate in this Referral Offer, you must complete and submit one of our referral forms with details including the name of a company that has not already signed up to Deliveroo for Business, and a decision maker within that company, before the Closing Date. If the company you refer meets our criteria to sign up for Deliveroo for Business, signs up, and then spends at least [AED 100] on allowance within the first four weeks of signing up, we will apply to your personal Deliveroo account the amount of credit stated in the promotional materials.
  1. If more than one successful referral is received by Deliveroo for Business in respect of any company, only one person will receive the credit - and that person will be determined by Deliveroo for Business based on (1) whether the decision maker referred is the person who engages with Deliveroo for Business; and (2) which person submitted the referral form the earliest.
  1. Deliveroo credit is subject to the usual order conditions and Deliveroo's Voucher [https://deliveroo.ae/legal] and any minimum spend restrictions communicated to you. Credits must be redeemed within the period stated in the promotional materials or other associated Deliveroo materials. There will be a processing time of up to seven days after the date of a successful referral before credits will be applied to your account. Credits have no cash value and are non-transferable.
  1. Before you submit the name and email of anyone to us, please ensure that you have obtained their permission. We will use the personal details of the colleague supplied for the administration of this promotion and introductory emails about Deliveroo for Business products and services. Please see our main [https://deliveroo.ae/privacy]
  1. Deliveroo for Business reserves the right to amend or suspend the availability of this offer at any time.
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